Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Video: Whose protests are more violent? Plus, witness the dumbest, left-wing argument EVER....Wow this guy is stupid...

Don't let anyone ever tell you that 'liberalism' is NOT a mental disorder. These people are insane...

Mark Levine lies through his teeth! He believes that a civil rights 'hero' wouldn't lie about being called the 'N' word. Well, we wouldn't call anyone who lies about being called the 'N' word a 'hero' but whatever. This civil rights 'hero' congressman DID lie; Rep. Lewis wasn't called the 'N' word, it was a lie and there's video to prove it.

This Mark Levine guy is a total douchebag.


  1. Gallagher is so smug.

    I think both of the demonstrations were peaceful with short periods of intense ugliness and conduct not befitting civilized people. I saw the tape of the tea partiers. I don't care whether the epithets were hurled or not. Even without them, it was pretty nasty.

  2. Yeah, citizens vociferously exercising their God-given free speech rights -- what an outrage.

    "I don't care whether the epithets were hurled or not."
    Translation: I cared a lot when I believed the liar but now, uh, not so much, can we change the subject?

  3. I think you're FULL OF SHIT. No, a lying sack of shit sounds better.

    There's no way you attended a tea party; you're lying. I'm a police officer who has worked 3 tea parties and attended 7 more in the past 18 months including the one in DC with over one million people. You left-wing vermin will lie even when it comes to admitting theattendence of the event....let alone this so-called violence that doesn't exist.

    So, there's been over 100 tea parties and no arrests (unless it was a left-winger disturbing the event-typical) and in one event on immigration, there was several. You are a liar.

    I have been to more (i don't think you have been to one tea party because you are a liar) tea parties than these losers on the left who criticize them. Nice try , but the people are not buying the "shovel ready pile of shit" coming out of your grill.

    You are in denial.I am 100% convinced that liberals do have a mental disorder. Even video taped evidence is met with denail and ridiculous excuses.

    Here's where you have the mental problem. You start off with 'both parties are peaceful' to appear honest and establish some kind of credibility. then you insult the tea parties thinking people will believe you since you were being honest about the tea parties being peaceful. You are just like Obama, a lying con artist. I deal with you people on the street every day. So obvious.

    Gallagher can be smug because he's right. Your boy looks like a blithering pathetic idiot. Really..

    Also, you people who criticize the tea party have never been to one. I find that similar to the same rejects that criticize and attack Beck, Rush, Savage etc...and these same people have never even listened to them!!!!

    "Spineless, misinformed, drooling sheep" is the best description I have ever heard about people who support the nasty left.

  4. "There's no way you attended a tea party; you're lying."

    I'm not lying because I never said I did attend a tea party. I saw the clip of the Arizona one and the contorted faces who screamed at Nancy Pelosi and John Lewis. I don't think normal people behave that way. Maybe in your world they do.

  5. so you base your dumb ass opinion on a 'clip?' lol wow you're even dumber than i thought.

    Normal people don't yell at politicians? I suggest you view somore more 'clips' at leftist protests you moron.

    Wow, you are such proof that libbs are mentally retarded.

    Pelosi and Lewis are corrupt, out of touch, power hungry scumbags...i don't care what you think, it's fact , so deal with it.

    How do you left-wingers do it? How do get that dumb? It's astounding..lol

  6. I'm not basing it just on a clip, I'm also basing in on what I see at idiots4obama and other places that are a bit more, well, let's just say "mainstream."

    You're the ones who are saying these tea parties are peaceful like Woodstock, except without the long hair, drugs and good music. OK. I believe you. But that's not what I saw when Pelosi and Lewis walked arm in arm through that scrum of resentment and rage.

    I imagine the Arizona thing mostly peaceful until a few people decided they didn't want to be peaceful.

    But these actions are not overall indictment of either groups. They were just unrelated ugly scenes that no one should be proud of.

  7. did you know that pelosi and lewis never took that walk, that route? you know they only did it to see if they could get a reaction..and all they got were people voicing their freedom of speech.

    the fact that you say a 'few' people in Arizona- is a lie. it's more like hundreds in just a few days. water bottles were thrown by at least 25 people in one video shot. many arrests. why are you in such denial? i don't know how you people live with yourself being so dumb and irrational.

    as for idiots4obama, this site is amazing. it's all important information, most I can't get on the exteremely biased networks.

    do you realize what illegal means? nbc actually had a clip of 'arizona passes law to make it illegal to be an illegal immigrabnt.' i couldn't believe that headline. most americans and arizonions want this law. who is that loudmouth community organizing worst president ever moron think he is insulting the rule of law. he never even read the bill...he never reads any bill. he's an asshole. he couldnt even fix his district in chicago, a damn murder capital. wheres the press on that. why are you against this law? it's a good one. get a life you big dope.

  8. "why are you against this law?"

    I never said I was. I haven't made up my mind. Read for comprehension. All you do is throw out a bunch of unfounded crap and call people names. You're not exactly a eloquent spokesperson for the conservative cause.

  9. I'm not a spokesperson for anyone and I'm a libertarian you dickface.

  10. No, I think you are a sad creep. I have not insulted you at all.

  11. creep? ha. yea..well this creep has a date with your sister and no time to argue. you're a kool aid drinking idiot. man up you sissy libbtard. you are seriously misinformed and dumb as shit. not my fault.