Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WHAT IDIOTS LOOK LIKE: 'Stuttering Bullshitter, Compulsive Liar, Con-Artist' & The People Who Applaud Him. Obama Can’t Stop Talking About Arizona Law

How annoying is this President? You have to give this crowd of politically dumb zombies a ton of credit for tolerating the same old tired Obama and his played out talking points, list of imaginary accomplishments, lies and deception.

We didn't know Superman Obama fixed 'The worst economic crisis since we seen since the great depression.' He claims he cut taxes, blah blah blah.

The President has done nothing but create MASSIVE amounts of debt and increase unemployment while bribing congressman to pass a disastrous healthcare bill and demonizing MOST Americans who opposed it. And these idiots' are applauding?

How pathetic...

In this video, Barack Obama lied so many times his nose looks bigger. It's amazing how he gets away with it...

Obama can’t stop talking about Arizona law that DOJ hasn’t reviewed yet


  1. He loves to brag about what people are 'getting from the government' and then pokes in little comments about how competition is a part of it. Ah yes, the hybrid monster of Statist-Crony-Capitalism.

  2. This man is a source of shame for our country. His actions are a disgrace. He will be a president that lives in infamy.