Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS GUY? Matthews: There are certainly a lot of, er, Europeans in PA-12

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How panicked was the Left about the special election in PA-12? As this clip shows, even MS-NBC anchor Chris Matthews and analyst Howard Fineman describe a loss as “lights out” for the Democrats, making my earlier point about the heavy registration advantage Democrats have in the district. Story Balloon captures a strange spin from Matthews with less than an hour to go before Republigeddon or something, attempting to bolster hope that Critz would win through — can you guess? I knew you could:

It looks to me that if the Democrats lose the seat where Jack Murtha was king for all these years, 2-to-1 Democratic ethnic, lot of Eastern European, names like Critz, which is the name of the candidate out there — no reason to vote against the guy. It`s not an African-American running, like the president. There`s no [inaudible] sense of bizarre, whatever it — same old local yokel guy from the Murtha crowd running, local guy running, right, not an outsider running. READ MORE...

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