Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Miss USA Skunked Again Courtesy of Liberal Hollywood

In a nutshell here's how it worked on Sunday at the Miss USA pageant: Conservative answer = Points lost. Liberal Answer = Brownie points.

Ahhh… the Miss USA pageant. It’s the same show that’s spawned such controversies as Caitlin Upton’s “some children don’t have maps” flub and of course Carrie Prejean’s infamous “same-sex marriage and opposite marriage” answer to last year’s controversial question. The trend continued this year as Morgan Elizabeth Woolard was put on the spot with a question regarding Arizona’s new immigration law. She couldn’t bikini-walk her way out of this one. Folks could seemingly hear her heart physically breaking as she began to answer, likely knowing that it could cost her the crown. It was then that I found myself asking: when did beauty pageants become so partisan?

Her answer wasn’t particularly controversial. Much like a majority of Arizonians (and Americans), she believes that the state had every right to pass the law. Some people have declared her answer “appropriate” or “intelligent” but I’ll be honest… I wasn’t really paying attention. Side note; these pageants need more oil.

Whether her answer legitimately cost her the crown or not, I don’t know. None of us ever will. The very fact that we have to ask ourselves that question however is indicative of a disquieting narrative that has been set for the American culture.

When it comes to Hollywood (or the entertainment industry as a whole, for that matter), being a conservative can only hurt. It’s never a plus, and nearly always a negative. Had Morgan been a leftist, the question would have come as a welcome relief. With nothing more than a wink and a nod to the celebrity judges, she would have put her progressive prowess on display for all to see. Oh, and also, her thighs.


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  1. As gorgeous as Miss Michigan is, I would have to agree with this. It was very disturbing to watch this knowing that she was going to get a controversial question and that look in disbelief at the idiotic judge who didn't even present the law the right way! Obviously he didn't read the law and she did. She gave a great answer. Great answers are bad answers to liberals because they're irrational nasty people. I am never watching a Miss USA pag again. Why this attack on white Christian women who don't support the democratic party? How stupid is that? Who cares what party they belong to. Miss Oklahoma should have been the winner. This is a joke. I said after last year I would never watch it and figured maybe they learned their lesson. I guess I was being naive. Never again.