Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CONTESSA BREWER IS SICK: MS-NBC anchor: I’m so bummed that Shahzad wasn’t a Tea Partier. Must see VIDEO of a mentally disturbed libb..

MS-NBC anchor: I’m so bummed that Shahzad wasn’t a Tea Partier.

Wow, if this doesn't further prove that 'liberalism' is a mental disorder....

It's such a shame to see Contessa Brewer, who is one of about six attractive liberals in America, say something so ignorant. What a sick woman..

Contessa Brewer should be fired ASAP..

Contessa Brewer is another left-wing dirtbag..


  1. "I’m so bummed that Shahzad wasn’t a Tea Partier."

    She didn't say that.

    And there are many more attractive liberal women than conservative women.

    This whole post in bunk.

  2. Again we are shown that there is no middle ground. Conservatives and Liberals are as far apart as Christians and Muslims. So where do we go from here. I see no alternative other than a split in the country. No, where do we cut it up?

  3. It wasn't quoted, it was translation of what she meant. That's why there isn't qoutes your dumb fuck. And I know you are really smoking crack if you think liberal women are hotter than conservatives. You're lying through your rotten white trash teeth.

    BTW- Angela Jolie doesn't like Obama. BUT Rosie O'Donnell, Heather Thomas, Anita Dunn, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary 'Kankle Queen' Clinton, Kerry-Heinz, Wasserman Schultz, OMG I could go on forever and just match the hideous scabs against the starting team for FOX news.

    Get out of your mothers basement, clean off your jerkoff tissues...and get down south and the midwest.

    Your taste might be horrible, but I believe youre just lying because youre a stinkin libb, and that's what your people are good at...being dishonest.

  4. he's too dumb to figure out what she meant. he would have to think and put it together. you have too much faith in the left.

    she meant exactly that- tea partiers. im 100% positive. she hates them and was wishing it was a white male tea party republican.

    she is on the rag and still mad over the left-wing IRS attack, the left-wing Holocost museum shooter, the left-wing Major Hassan attack at ft hood, the left-wing census worker suicide, the left-wing riots in Arizona and California and the left-wing g20 riots in Pittsburg and Minn.

    I can go on and on, but I have a tea party to plan. Go to an anti-war protest, plug your nose and see all of the hideous stinky protesting leftist women who don't know why they're there. Go to a tea party and see civilized, informed, intelligent MILF's, hotties and disease free attractive women,lol..

    You're a loser,,,

  5. he said "bunk." what a dork. it's a new libbtard word

  6. I normally would have let it slide, because I don't watch MSNBC, but the people here seem riveted to everything that said there for some reason.

    But saying that about liberal women is just crazy talk. For hotness, conservative women aren't even close. There's a handful in public life, in a few states in the United States. You're probably the ones who haven't left the country.

    Hot liberal women, make up the rest of the world.

  7. He`s a Muslim, trying to blow up Americans, whose side is that idiot on. Brewer ought to give up her citizenship, buy a scarf and go live in a land under Muslim law. She would then sing another song.

  8. You are the one with crazy talk. I worked for Playboy and Maxim magazine in the late 90's and as a former nightclub promoter and college website founder, I have far more experience in searching for attractive women for my career.

    I worked with 'Girls Gone Wild' and have done eleven spring breaks in Panama City, Cancun, Daytona Beach, South Padre Island and Lake havasu AZ. My job was to find top party universities like Wisconsin, East Carolina, Arizona, Florida State etc..and top nightlife establishments, resorts and beaches etc..

    I worked on finding the hottest college students, (University of Texas, Florida, Arizona, Arizona State, Georgia, Nebraska, Oklahoma, USC-(South Carolina) Alabama and Tennesse to mention a few 'red states') and the most hideous were northeastern schools, Princeton, Rutgers, Temple, UMASS etc...

    I have been around for 20 years, I have nailed a ton of beautiful women, and spent time finding gorgeous girls and most all of them were from red states and most were without a doubt right leaning. I used to hate going to mass and new jersey-yuck!!!

    I ran couger contests, milf contests and trust me when I tell you, with all of the experience I have with gorgeous women with great teeth, hair, skin, bodies etc.. it isn't even close.

    Most liberal women are angry and jealous because of their appearence. Most are rude, pale, overweight and boring. Most liberal women are also insecure and have low self esteem and despise attractive women who just happen to be conservative.

    I have the knowledge you are seriously lacking dude. Trust me when I tell you that even if I was a democrat, I would have to admit that conservative women are the hottest hands down.

    The Florida Georgia game in Jax fl. "the worlds largest outdoor cocktail party" football game between UGA and UF is one place where you will see the most gorgeous combination of women in one place at one time- mostly conservative. You will go nuts. Thousands...you should go if you're straight. You're probably a sissy since you're a leftist, you know they are sexually frustrated and they say libs have terrible sex lives which is why there's so much jealousy...

    Bottom line- I just think you're lying.

  9. A classy retinue of women, Ricky. No doubt fine examples of conservative thought.

  10. Thank you. I'm glad you finally agree that easily brainwashed women who have body odor, anger issues, pale skin, hairy armpits and vaginas, who side with a corrupt party of lawyers, is not so attractive. Thank God you came to your senses...

    Now, you wanna talk classy? We can compare those amazing conservative women to those hideous skanky libbs who can't keep their mouth or legs closed and you will again lose, but by a bigger margin.

    Hmmm, like- Janeane Garofalo, Margeret Chu, Roseanne Barr, Rachael Maddow and Janet Napolitano-vs- Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Megyn Kelly, Ainsley Earnhart, Courtney Friel, Kimberly Guilfoil, SE Cupp and Laura Ingrahm...

    I know, I know...in the real world is different....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Get a shovel kid....and a life.

  11. Playboy, Laddie magazines, women flashing for the camera. You're actually proud of that? Are your parents?

  12. Damn right I am you panzie. What do you think I am, some bible toting, republican? A prude? I'm a libertarian who drank a lot of booze, smoked some weed and banged hot women. Most would say I have had an amzing life....very lucky. I am married now, but back in the day, I was a major player and party animal kid.

    I don't have to be a republican or a democrat to understand just how disgusting the Obama administration and democratic party is. I despise it. I can't stand democrats and liberals are the lowest form of dirt.

    At least some republicans are okay, are filthy animals and are on a mission to destroy this country. They're the most crooked group of bastards and should all be hung.

    As for my parents, they're dead. You wanna digem up and ask them if they had a problem with me working hard, earning six figures, paying my taxes and hooking up with women? I'l answer for you missy- "good boy!"

  13. "but back in the day, I was a major player and party animal kid."

    A period that seems to have shaped your refined political thought.

  14. CONTESSA BREWER IS SICK - that's right on the money. What I found sickening was that she mentioned she didn't want to convict the guy who allegedly planted the bomb before being tried. Yet the very next thing out of her mouth was convicting some militia group who allegedly spoke about doing some kind of terror and never planted a bomb anywhere.

    It's a damn good thing she can't hear me because I allegedly say and think some awful things when I hear people like her spout such nonsense.

  15. Well Mr Anonymous lib-tard, if you're mad that your mother and sister were sexual victims of mine, I can understand your anger towards me.

    But considering you people look up to slutty Hollywood political liberal mouthpieces (Susan Sarandon) and players like Alec Baldwin, Bill Maher and Charlie Sheen, who is in the 10,000 club, I will take that as a compliment.

    You do see how dumb you look right now...don't you? Because I am a hell of a lot smarter than you, you will lose every time. You look like a dick right now because I just schooled your dumb ass.

    I see 'you people' also side with black panthers, man-boy lover groups, enviromental terrorists, convicted felons, illegal aliens, communist-socialist party members, corrupt unions, ACORN, terrorist sympathizers,,, Do theses people shape your political views? You're feeling like a pretty dumb fuck ain't ya? haha,,,,don't worry, everyone reading this knows you are an idiot. It's okay panzi boy.

    YOU just remember this 'fact' you dirtbag. I have donated more money in charity than Barack and Michelle Obama, and Joe Biden combined!

    I have created more jobs than Barack Obama..did you know that douchebag?

    Do you know I served my country and respect the constitution? The President doesn't.

    I pay more in taxes than Tim Geitner, Tom Dashule and Charlie Rangel, heros to you I'm sure.Did you know that?

    I volunteer at Childrens Hospital because I like to...i don't need to confiscate tax money to send someone to go see those kids. I like doing it. You see, I'm a better person than you, Obama, Pelosi..and you are a sick liberal. You have mental problems so you will never understand.

    There's many psychiatrists who have diagnosed liberals as having mental disorders and no matter what your academic pedigree is, you need help so go seek it you loser.

  16. Like I said, Ricky, very refined. An eloquent spokesperson for the Libertarian cause.

  17. Oh no no no, fellow Anonymous. You.....You can't DARE challenge his politics....after all...he claims to have boned jillions of models..... thi....this means that he is definitely right about EVERY political viewpoint he EVER has, and is beyond correction or challenge.

  18. Because you know those women in Girls Gone Wild: They don't go for just any guy.

  19. Looks like the two "butt buddies" weren't paying attention. He (Ricky) didn't make a political point, he was making his case that conservative women are more attractive than liberal women, and I agree they are, by far. It isn't even close, in fact you two "butt buddies" have a lot of nerve claiming that liberal women are more attractive than conservative women. It looks like Ricky was just making his case with his experience, which I'm sure is far better than yours. How about not being so biased and jealous at the same time before you leave another ignorant comment.

    Ricky, you are one lucky guy!