Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Robert 'Liar Liar' Gibbs Gives It To Fox News Reporter...

Like the oil spill? Remember, this is HANDS DOWN the most corrupt, vindictive, controlling, power-hungry and anti-American administration in U.S history. Maybe Mike Brown is on to something...

The Obama administration DID take several days to respond, UNLESS you're counting Eric Holder sending lawyers there right away. We shouldn't expect much out of the most clueless airhead Attorney General in the world, Janet Napolitano, who wouldn't know the difference between firecrackers, a man-made disaster (terror attack) and an oil spill.

It's pretty obvious that BP is responsible for this mess, but had this been President Bush, you would of heard the same exact accusations coming from the left. The left-wingers are the master of hypocrisy and the bottom line is that the Obama administration should of acted sooner, but it's not going to change the environmental problem we are now facing. This oil slick might reach the beaches of Miami if it isn't stopped.

Obama is a pathological liar who is doing far more damage with his policies than his 'late response' to the oil spill that BP (allegedly) caused, so let's stay focused on preventing him from ruining the United States economy and allowing the next terror attack.

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  1. good point. i agree. behind the scenes with his czars etc, he is doing so much damage everyday while most good americans are working and sleeping.