Thursday, May 20, 2010

DUMB ASS WIMP: RINO 'Sissy' Scott Brown Bullied Into Voting For Democrats’ Massive Financial Regulation Bill

Oh really? What a coward..

Actually, four Republicans voted yes — Collins, Snowe, and Chuck Grassley were the others — but it was Scotty B who flipped today to make it happen.

The 59-39 vote represents an important achievement for President Barack Obama, and comes just two months after his health care overhaul became law. The bill must now be reconciled with a House version that passed in December. A key House negotiator predicted the legislation would reach Obama’s desk before the Fourth of July…
Democrats succeeded in breaking through the Republican block by winning Brown’s backing. The Massachusetts Republican, who had voted against ending debate on Wednesday, met with Reid Thursday morning to voice his concerns regarding the bill’s effect on Massachusetts banks such as State Street and insurance firms such as MassMutual. House Financial Services Committee chairman Barney Frank, also of Massachusetts, weighed in Thursday with letters to Reid offering his own guarantees that the final bill would resolve Brown’s concerns.

Shelby, who helped write parts of the bill before ultimately voting against it, called it a “massive new consumer bureaucracy” and a “liberal activists’ dream come true.” So why’d Scotty flip? Pressure: READ MORE...

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  1. dumb ass wimp? lol true dat! dumb for not even realizing the bill is going to help the elitist's at the expense of the middle class as the middle class, mostly made up of 50% idiots, think the bill will punish banks/wall street! lol. wimp for being bullied by franks and the libbs in mass. what a phony.

  2. The mind is capable of artful compartmentalizations.
    Most politicians are guility of every possible sort of dishonesty and intellectual misdemeanour. They stretch the meaning of words until they retain scarcely anything of their original sense. They give the name of statesman to some vague abstraction which they have created for themselves, having done so they can pose before all the country as some pragmatist.

    In the mirror of the deepest truth they are nothing more then an insubstantial shadow, insignificant and impotent in the face of the universe. To access the truth-value of these progressive bastards sometimes does not lie within the scope of our present enquiry, until we see beyond their mask, and recognize in them their real psychological nature---and then we do not have to conceal the fact that this discovery strongly influences our attitude, and in a loud voice we call them to account for their wrong-doing.

    We all thought and hoped that Scott Brown would rise superior to the disapproval of his progressive contemporaries---"we were wrong"

  3. Don't expect to get a loan to start a small business unless you want to get it from the government.

    The Democommies put some pressure on Brown and he caved like the cunt that he is.
    He is nothing more then a McCain type.

  4. It's in my nature to escape attention. I lurk on a number of sights. I read the messages and either agree or disagree. This is becoming my favorite site. I'm making an exception tonight and commenting on a post by Russell g. It is free from error and the most accurate statement about politicians I have ever read. Russell your manner in expressing words is quite special.

  5. Scott Brown shows an independent streak and accordeing to Nick he is a dumb ass whimp. Must every body be a conservative rubber stamp?

    Hey Russell, I don't agree with about 90% of what you say. We are on the opposite ends of the political spectrum. But with the exception of your incessant cursing out progressives, your post is a qualification for artistic achievement in bringing to light the shameful faults and crimes of politicians on both sides. Well done.

  6. Hey homo- Scott Brown is a "Republican" and ran as one and should act like one you dickhead! That's the problem with politicians these days, they get into a party and vote against it! Duhhh!!!! When progressive losers infiltrated and destroyed the democrat party, older democrats (the smart ones) left the party. Then you had republicans like Bush, Graham and Snowe ruining the republican party.

    He should of ran as an independent and checked that as his party for it dickhead?

    Finally, Scott Brown was intimidated into that vote and you know it you slug. He said he wouldn't be intimidated and that he was a self thinker. bullshit!

    You make these dumb comments and are convincing me to reconsider my views on abortion. Stop acting like a retard you dope.

  7. Can't a man express an opinion without being censured scathingly by Nick the protector of all that's right. It's just my opinion that Russell is on the wrong side of the issue's more times then not, but when he hits a home run on the character of most politicians it only seems right to acknowledge such. Nick calm down, blood pressure and all. By the way I am not a homo, but I am happy with life, for the most part, so according to you I must be gay. Can't we all get along.

  8. The catalog of horrors emanating form the Obama administration signify the depths of Marxist human depravity, to cause as much human suffering as possible, in their misguided commitment to have everyone dependent on the government.

    As Americans begin to find themselves in a fight to save our country, we will put out this raging communist fire with a shower of the coldest and purest water, drowning the communists bandits, beginning with the November vote.

  9. "When progressive losers infiltrated and destroyed the democrat party, older democrats (the smart ones) left the party."

    I guess it was that mass exodus of voters that got the Democrats the House, the Senate, and the White House.

    Brilliant analysis, Nick.

  10. Great comments in this thread. I can feel the passion jumping through your comments. Scott Brown went from making us glad to making us SAD.
    What a difference in just a few short months. What a waste of potential. It would be nice if Paul Ryan could generate more public recognition, he may prove to be a diamond in the rough.

  11. yes anonymous. i don't expect any common sense or honesty out of you but let me explain it for others on this board.

    If Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid "said" they were going to do what they "are" doing now, they wouldn't have won. You do know that right dickhead?

    How come liberals always have to lie to get elected by avoiding the words 'liberal'?

    How come they have to run as "centrist" types? Because they know if they run as big government left wing radical liberal progressives, they wouldn't have a shot. You do know that right?

    Do you have faith in any polls? There always accurate.

    You are just another angry liberal in denial.

    About half of Obama supporters adnit they were lied to and have buyers remorse and I give them credit for having the balls to admit it. You can't do that.

    Your wonder woman Nancy Pelosi is the most hated bitch in politics. Do you know that? Obamas approval in low 40's and thats because the other 40's have no clue whats going on. Imagine if they did.

    Get a life dude, you're wasting your fingers with me. I'm much more informed and smarter than you. Buzz off loser.

  12. Most Republicans are nothing to write home about, they have in common with the Democommies a lust for power and accumulating as many green-bucks as possible, but where they differ is most Republicans love this country and the great majority of the democommies are Anti-American.
    The lines are drawn. If by some traversty of justice we do not beat them in the polls come November then we will beat them where they stand and breathe, we will not lose this country to communists.

  13. The difference between a liberal-progressive and a conservative and libertarian-----

    First, because the problem of explaining the existence of the genius is no greater, fundamentally, then explaining the existence of the fool.

    To take either the genius or the fool as a finished project, and study him in isolation, is emphatically not the way to work. Evolution has taught us that the explanation of a thing is to be sought in it's history.

    The long history of the liberals can be summarised by their rude rhythmical howlings and gutteral ejaculations, lacking in the complex, and advancing culture.

    The greatest and the least of men are links in a chain of being, and can neither separate themselves from all that has gone before nor from that which will come after them.
    Nick, as much as we detest their idealogy they are part of the human family. As long as their are more of us then them the evolutionary processes will keep developing.

  14. Brilliant, just brilliant, russell, your mental keenness is like a gem, a distinguished bright shiny diamond. I love it when you expose liberals. To bad they have no idea you are disclosing their mental faults. It's true liberalism is a mental disease.

  15. I think Russell might be disguising himself again, as people praising him. Can I do that, too?

  16. I'm humbled, Anonymous.

  17. What a perceptive thing to say, Anonymous. You clearly are the smartest person on this board. Perhaps in the whole country. That's because you're a Democrat, and Democrats are smarter than Republicans.

  18. "BROWN" is nothing more then an obsequious putz.

  19. Facts are facts, and sooner or later we are compelled to deal with them. Theories may ignore them, but the consequences follow just the same. It is not merely our duty to face facts, it is in our interest to do so. A healty mental life is the expression of a harmony between our ideas of facts and the facts themselves.

    And without posing as a philosophical Gradrind, one may confidently assert that the man or the philosophy that ignores facts will sooner or later come to grief.

    There is enough to make one feel that, whatever our failures may be, they are neither eternal nor irremediable, unless, of course, one is a liberal-progressive----as evolution has loaded the dice not in their favor----all liberal testimony can be explained on pathological grounds as due to an unwholesome nervous strain--

    99-per-cent of all liberals cant't change, they are fixed to a doomed fate---neurons and their supporting nutritive strutures that integrate sensory information from inside and outside the body are defective, and in most cases permanently flawed. Thus the term "Liberarlism is a mental disease"----in a nutshell, I can't get mad at liberals, their muttering's provide me with incessant comedy-----keep them jokes coming Anonymous----

  20. Anonymous---come clean, you are a sad crypto-fascist---just once, is it possible to say something original, instead of commenting on what somebody else has said and then spinning their words.

    Like a dog that releases himself on a johnnypump, the conservative canine's on this site micturate on you everytime. Don't you ever get tired of being discharged on.


  21. I've been humbled twice in so many days here, Russell. Thanks.

    Mental disorders? I don't dress up as Michele Obama here.


  22. im a down to earth guy while we have two people who are clearly right(nick and russell) and in essence saying the same thing i myself tend to see nicks message more hard hitting and clear. No offence russell. keep up the great comments both of you!

  23. Anonymous---is that the best you got----the sky holding a threat of rain inflicts something more impending then your intellect----the only thing you have going for you is your unintended humor--

    Keep your trifling jokes coming----

    My last advice to you is if you play the stock market make sure its laughingstock, because your capacity for knowledge is running on empty----

  24. Nick lies with the best of them, Phil.

  25. Phil,
    Thank you for your kind words, and I agree with you 100%. Nick is like a REDWOOD TREE, and I am nothing more then a SEED in comparision to him, in the FOREST of POLITICS. I'm still learning, while Nick is the teacher.

    Very observant of you Phil-----we are both perhaps traveling different path's to arrive at the same destination---and one last thing----as far as hard-hitting, out of respect for this site I pull my punches----if I was to say how I really felt about that turd in the White House, this site would immolate----

  26. GREEN EYES, Anonymous.
    Please don't speak for me. I have always been attracted to intelligent people. My ex-husband was a brainiac, but he was a dickhead, just like you. I love coming to this site because it is permeated with the skilled use of reason. You are the only one who upsets the balance somewhat. Liberals are idiots.

  27. Where we having tea dear? lol

  28. Why at a tea party, of course.

  29. well you are a right winger Isabel, so I'm sure you don't resemble Helen Thomas. Which Tea Party?

  30. (Helen Thomas,) I don't think so. I've been told that I'm hot, and I don't live in the Tropics, so use your imagination.

    Which Tea party?
    There used to be a British colony in Boston before the revolution. I drink my tea in Massachusetts, and I pay no taxes!!!