Thursday, May 20, 2010

While angry, pathetic and all 'white' MSNBC attacks Ron Paul for 37 minutes as a 'racist,' we bring you some touching news that MSNBC likes to ignores

While the corrupt liberal democrats are busy ruining the country and apologizing for it, so-called 'news' networks like MSNBC ignore that important information and instead focuses on attacking republican candidates by lying about them just because they're a threat to their failing liberal agenda. They could of showed this video instead. A touching video of troops coming home and surprising loved ones.

MSNBC on Thursday went on the offensive against Republican and Tea Party favorite Rand Paul. In a single day, the cable network devoted 37 minutes over eight segments to implying that the Senate candidate might be a racist.

Each piece featured a clip of Paul's appearance on Wednesday's Rachel Maddow program in which the MSNBC host suggested the libertarian candidate would tolerate bigotry because he opposes government regulation.

Throughout the day, MSNBC touted liberal guest after liberal guest to excoriate the politician. The lineup included Jesse Jackson, Democratic Congressman James Clyburn, liberal professors Boyce Watkins and Michael Eric Dyson and Democratic strategist Karen Finney.


MSNBC! What a line up! The only people missing are Al Sharpton and Mumia Abu Jamal. Michael Eric Dyson is still bitter (and in denial) over his brother serving a life sentence for committing a brutal murder. Dyson believes it's the 'white mans' fault. James Clyburn is a racist and a total disgrace and Jesse Jackson, well, he's Jesse Jackson..


  1. it's cool. no one watched nbc or msnbc/cnn. dyson is racist and jesse is a con man. rand paul seems like a good guy. i understand what he was saying about government not telling people had to run a business. i'm black and if i opened a business, i wouldn't want to have to serve arabs. i wouldn't want to serve politicians or lawyers. id tell them all to leave.

    was that a boy or a girl? the maddow person?

  2. I'm not sure what that maddow person was. Could be boy or girl. Who really knows?

    Thanks for posting the video, I needed a good cry.

  3. Yeah, only 2 people watch that channel. I've boycotted MSNBC advertisers for 2 years, now I have to add california to the list.