Thursday, May 20, 2010

Elitist Obama's Throws Lavish State Dinner for Mexico.

We were told that given the state of the nation's economy, the White House would seek to downplay the glitz and glamour-quotient of its state dinner last night. Instead, demonstrating the tone-deafness of those very large Obama ears, the First Couple put on the ritz like never before for el Presidente Diminutivo Calderon of Mexico. If someone insulted Mexico on Calderon's turf the way he insulted America by attacking Arizona's immigration law, he would have been treated to something simple--maybe takeout from El Chipolte.

Instead, the bash Michelle & Barack threw--complete with a performance by Beyonce and a guest list that included actress Eva Longoria--lavished Calderon. But perhaps that was just a coincidence, given Barack's history of insulting our best allies. After all, the dinner was yet another garish display of Obama narcissism. Michelle even insisted that they fly in a Chicago celebrity chef for the occasion! The bigger, more "special," more celebritified these events are, the more they reflect the awesomeness of the Obamas. At least that's what they hope. Sure, Michelle with her "new" hairstyle and shiny blue gown looked like a gorgeous Whitney Houston (circa 1993)...but is that what we should want in an event like this? It's not an event designed for the Obamas to play Hollywood for a day.

Of course more disturbing than any of this was when President Obama, once again, failed to stand up for America's sovereignty and goodness when standing next to the Mexican meanie.

See more photos from the lavish state dinner here!

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