Thursday, May 20, 2010

SURPRISED? Was 2nd Grader Who Asked First Lady About Papers a Plant?

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Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. There's no question that kid's question was a plant. This second grader was supposed to say "Arizona," not "Obama." Just look at Michelle Obama's answer to the question. Michelle Obama knew she was going to get a question from the kid about Arizona "requiring papers," and a little kid goofed up the question. Arizona is a tough word for a second grader but "Obama," she hears it all of the time. I don't think there's any doubt it was a setup question. Michelle's answer is the best indication to me that the whole thing was a plant because if Michelle had actually listened, she'd have said, "No, no, no! It's not my husband that's going to take people's papers. No, no! It's not my husband who's going to ask for papers. No! No! It's Arizona that's going to ask for papers and we gotta have Congress to solve that. She just answered it as though the question was asked about Arizona, not her husband. So there's no doubt in my mind.

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