Friday, May 7, 2010

EVIDENCE THAT WE HAVE A MENTALLY DISTURBED SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. VIDEO: It's Cheaper to Treat Teens for Drug Use Than Stop Drugs at the Border

Forget the fact that she didn't answer the question, just listen to her response! This woman is absolutely nuts and should be evaluated for her mental disorder and immediately removed from congress. It doesn't matter what side of the aisle you are on, no one can defend this stupid answer or the fact that Nancy Pelosi should be in a small room with pads on the walls in a white jumpsuit.


  1. Have you read the Rand report that she cited? Is there something incorrect or not factual? Did she misrepresent the facts somehow? I never read the report, but maybe if you could link it, we could go from there.

  2. She has lost her mind.

    She stated it's our responsibility to reduce the demand of drugs in the United States. Really? That's the responsibility of the government? I was unaware.

  3. No, it's our responsibility not to purchase them illegally. Same with illegal aliens. It's our responsibility not to hire them.

    We do both, it could dry up demand considerably.