Friday, May 7, 2010

Video: “I never thought I’d be on national TV for wearing an American flag shirt” VIDEO- WATCH: Mexican Flag Students Assail Man in Wheelchair

This should make every American sick to their stomach. AND who is to blame for this? WHITE LIBERALS.....DEMOCRATS....period. See more disturbing video below...

WATCH: Mexican Flag Students Assail Man in Wheelchair

NOTE- It's funny to watch all of these punk-ass Mexican students in American schools waving their Mexican flags as if they have some real Mexican pride. They should go back to Mexico if it's so great there. Why did they come here if Mexico is so great?


  1. As a Hispanic who migrated to this country, I am embarrassed by Hispanics that have illegally come or stayed in this country, receive benefits from the system, and then have the balls to actually demand the right to stay here? What gives them the right to just come and stay here illegally and jump in front of everyone else who has to wait for the legal process?

    Since when is it an insult to wear a t-shirt with a US flag on it? What is happening to this country? progressives my friends!