Wednesday, May 26, 2010

GET READY TO PUNCH SOMETHING: Most corrupt Dodd, Frank and Schumer in charge of Wall Street overhaul! Why don't they just put Bernie Madoff in charge?

The three stooges: Three of the top 10 most corrupt politicians in America are in charge of financial overhaul. But don't worry, Chuck Schumer says you don't care...

Tension on swaps as Wall St reform conferees named..

In a sign a flashpoint on the panel will be how to police a $615-trillion swaps market dominated by Wall Street giants, Representative Barney Frank challenged a proposal from Senator Blanche Lincoln to curb swap trading by banks.

Frank, who will chair the House-Senate conference committee, said he disagreed with Lincoln's plan to force banks to spin off units that trade in swaps, a kind of derivative contract involved in the 2007-2009 capital market crisis.

In remarks that could dim the outlook for Lincoln's controversial proposal, Frank said there was no need to force banks out of the over-the-counter derivatives business, which includes credit default swaps and other types of contracts.

Firing back at Frank's remarks given at a conference early on Tuesday, Lincoln said in a statement provided to Reuters: READ MORE...


  1. No producer who ever lived could ever conceive of a plot like this, that is unfolding under the umbrella of the Obama administration and his cohorts. Who would believe it, it is so incredulous that there would be a mass exit-ess from the movie theaters demanding their money back. This is beyond unbelievable, it's the deepest form of corruption ever.

    My brothers love this site.

  2. I used to live in New York. Chuck the Schmuck was a camera whore. One of the three stooges indeed.

  3. Did this country ever see politicians more brazen in their blasphemy----what an act of contempt for the law----their stealing in broad daylight-----

  4. Good points Sal-----I'll do you one better-----

    This is like a pickpocket going back to his victim and in a gesture of disapproval bitches about the paucity he found in the wallet-----

  5. The testis of these vulgar bandits grows larger by the day----this is political brutishness and political depravity run amok---

  6. anyone with their eyes open can see that's it is going to come down to the public aganist the private sector unions.

    november comes first, and if the results fall short, it then becomes time for all our american neighbors to buy shot guns and learn how to use them.

    these slimy politicians, all thats missing is the purple pimp suits to show their solidarity with acorn and seiu.


  7. "Chuck the Schmuck was a camera whore,"

    I live in Minnesota. Don't get between Michele Bachmann and a camera. She'll take you out like a linebacker. I'm convinced there must be three of her. She's supernaturally available to the media.

  8. Well Chuck is a camera whore meaning he likes to stick his ugly mug into the camera when standing behind pigs like Nancy Pelosi Harry Reid and Chris Dodd, as if to take some credit for something disastrous they are about to announce.

    Michele Bachman isn't a "camera whore" because Michele is asked to be interviewed because with her, you get the truth straight up. She has more of a spine than any of the men in congress and she's a stright shooter and an American hero as far as I'm concerned. I believe anyone who doesn't like Bachman has some serious issues and doesn't really know what she's about. She was attacked by the left for suggesting some democrats in congress were acting anti-American. HELLOOO!!!!!! Well shit, she was right!

    Besides, Nancy Pelosi is hated by Americans more than Palin is by liberals. She has a 9% approval rating and is a damn terrorist as far as Im concerned. Bachman is her #1 enemy. Isnt that a good thing? Doesn't that say something about Michele?

    Liberal women hate Michele because she's attractive and she has been married to the same man for many years-shocker right? She has several kids she actually kept and raised. She's intelligent and gets under the skin of liberal vermin. Who does that sound like? (Palin)

    Anyway- a camera whore is someone who is constantly nudging to get their face into a camera shot or video. That's Schumer.

    Bachman is a requested interview. She is loved by real conservatives and thats why she is requested so much. She's available because she's always at work! She works overtime trying to fight the radical left and save this country.

    I think you should be worried about that asshole Al Franken who stole the election and made a joke out of your state than the person who should make the people of Minnesota proud.