Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Video: Obama Heckled at Fundraiser. Sen. Boxer Whispers Advice To Obama Who Then Makes Fun Of The Heckler. Then Zombies Chant 'Yes We Can.' = IDIOTS

Obama is heckled again at a Barbara Boxer fundraiser by a flaming heckler who doesn't like our military 'don't ask don't tell' policy. Maybe the heckler just can't wait to enlist so he can tell amazing stories in the barracks of his anal sex encounters to all of his fellow soldiers. That's really hot, isn't it? (Gross)

Someone should tell the heckler that Muslims don't take to kind to homosexuality, and whether people want to live in denial like idiots or not, Obama IS a Muslim.

It's also nice to know that 'community organizers' and elitist 'flea bag' politicians, most who have never even served in the military, are making decisions about our military. How about asking the enlisted men and women who are actually serving to influence the decision? Barack Obama, Patrick Murphy and Barbara Boxer will not be sharing showers, toilets and tents with homosexuals, our enlisted personnel WILL be.

This heckler is most likely the same guy from last month, but why does the President have to make fun of the guy? Is Obama a little seven year old girl? This President is an embarrassment to the Unites States of America in so many ways.

We have the highest unemployment in decades, a massive oil spill in the gulf and Obama is at a fundraiser for one of the worst Senators in U.S History..


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