Sunday, May 23, 2010

IMPEACH THE BUM: Joe Sestak: Um, yeah, Obama tried to buy me off by offering me a job. Robert Gibbs VIDEO- Transparency for idiots..

Comedy gold from “Meet the Press,” polished off by DNC Chair Tim Kaine grudgingly admitting that it might be time for the White House to come clean. If you need your memory jogged about this, I don’t blame you: Sestak first dropped the bombshell that the White House tried to bribe him out of the primary against Specter more than three months ago. A month after that, pieces were already appearing about how absurd Gibbs’s stonewalling had become; two months later, he’s still stonewalling, refusing this morning to tell Bob Schieffer anything about it except that nothing “inappropriate” happened. Which is probably true: Handing Sestak a briefcase full of money to get out of the race would be indictment-worthy, but handing him the same cash in the form of a paycheck plus the prestige that comes with the title of Secretary of the Navy is just good ol’ horse-trading. No wonder “Washington” is a curse word. READ MORE...

Did Attorney General Eric Holder know about the bribe? See video below..

Ummm, yea..

Rober 'Liar Liar' Gibbs dodged the question several times. See video below for 'transparency.'

Unbelievable! Transparency YOUR ass. Thanks 'idiots.'

Obama should be impeached and Pelosi and Reid imprisoned.

(This video isn't about the birthers movement, it's about 'transparency.' Remember, the true idiots are the ones who ridicule the birthers movement. They don't know the facts.)


  1. This is pretty good evidence to impeach Obama. We have to get rid of him quick before he even does further damage. The evidence looks like a lock. It's a federal crime and getting Obama back to Chicago would be good for America. We have to impeach.

  2. I hope they go for it. It would show that Conservatives really don't respect elections. When they can't win, what do they do?