Sunday, May 23, 2010

WAKE UP AMERICA! Gerald Celente: Finance reform, just a show.


Calente is the master predictor.

FLASHBACK! Fox Business: Gerald Celente Predicts Revolution.

Now we are at 18% unemployment, massive debt, bigger government, tea parties and union thugs protesting at private homes. His prediction is ahead of schedule...

See video below of Calente on Glenn Beck in 2009...

America better wake up quick...Beck and Calente have been warning Americans for years.


  1. scary..i hate that he's always right. he also predicted world economy collapse and it would be even worse. says to buy gold. i will take calente over weiner.

  2. "says to buy gold."

    If you're talking about Glenn Beck, there's a company called Goldline that pays him to say that.

  3. no dummy. calente says buy gold. im fine with beck or anyone for that matter being paid to endorse something. it's up to the individual not to be an idiot (democrat) and make their own decisions on what to buy. based on the amazing accuracy of calente's predictions and knowledge, i would take his advice over some liberal beuracrat