Sunday, May 23, 2010

Liberals See Socialism in the Bible.

I think I heard during the campaign, or maybe it was the "historic" speech in Cairo, that America is a Muslim nation. Once again attacking the founding of this nation under Christian values. The Christian influence of the Founding fathers has been under attack for over 100 years. The liberals (Progressives if so so prefer) have done everything to get Christianity out of the public arena. Now this week, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and host of other idiots have said that we should preach from the pulpit for immigration reform, and have faith-based communities on board with their agenda. If you look closer, or watch the Glenn Beck program you will know that many of those who are on board with this disaster are being paid-off with your money. (AKA threatened to comply). For liberals to get on TV and preach to me about the meaning of the Gospels and say that Christianity supports Socialism is laughable. It also proves that they have not read the Bible, why would they it is a law of sorts for this country. Lets start with the defintiion of Socialism and build from there. READ MORE...

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