Friday, May 7, 2010

Media Scum: MSNBC Amazed Black Republicans Seek Tea Party Support. Black Candidate Allen West Responds...

Will someone please tell the people at MSNBC and CNN that they're the only ones on the planet who believe the tea partiers are racist. They actually started that false rumor and ALL rational thinking Americans WITH a functioning brain know that liberals in media are lying. This MIGHT explain MSNBC and CNN's basement botton ratings.

See Allen West respond...

When are we going to hold people accountable who make false claims of racism? People like Rep. Lewis, Rep. Cleaver, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and the 'master airhead' Contessa Brewer. These people are a disgrace...


  1. I don't understand why reporters would ask such a question to a black man. What is he going to say. "Why yes, I am aligning myself with the racist tea partiers." - I mean seriously, how many times are they gonna ask and how many times are the black people they bring on these shows going to say, "I have never seen any racism."

    They really should be held accountable. It's been over a year that the tea parties have been around and no one has ever proved that it is racist. It seems slanderous to me.

  2. I love Allen West. The man needs to run for Prez. I'd love to see him school BO in a debate.