Monday, May 10, 2010

Pelosi Tells Catholic Church to Preach Amnesty. WTF?

The mental midget Speaker of the House and most hated woman in America Nancy Pelosi tells the Catholic church to pray for amnesty, but she supports killing babies.

Nancy Pelosi is a very large piece of shit..

Flashback! Anti-American nutcase Nancy Pelosi calls Enforcement Officials "Un-American."

This video tape is evidence that Nancy Pelosi ignored the oath she swore to uphold; why is she still House Speaker?

Because of Nancy Pelosi (and other liberals) Danielle Bolgna is a widow. We wonder if Paul Pelosi was a widow because Nancy was murdered by an illegal alien, would some of her liberal friends change their mind or sympathize with these illegal aliens.

See video below and remember that people like Nancy Pelosi and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome are responsible for the murders of this poor woman's family. They BOTH should be serving time...

Why doesn't Nancy Pelosi encourage the church to pray for this victim? We know that answer: It's because Nancy Pelosi is mentally disturbed and she's unfit to hold office. AND she's a piece of shit...

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