Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RACISM? How Did This Hot, Gorgeous, Sexy Bombshell Get Snubbed From Maxim's 'Hot 100' List? Update- Joy Behar Also Didn't Make The List. WTF?

How could Maxim ignore this gorgeous bombshell? Are they being racist?

Michelle Obama made #93 on the Maxim 'Hot 100' list last year. Yes, it was a charity case and a favor to the most corrupt anti-American couple to ever occupy to White House. But this year, Michelle wasn't so lucky...

We think that Maxim figured they did her a favor last year because it seemed like 'the cool thing to do.' (See every magazine cover in 2009)

We're kidding about the 'racism' accusation. When you criticize Michelle or Barack Obama, you should always expect the race card to be played against you. It's the fastest growing 'sport' for liberals. We also wanted to make a false claim of racism for a few minutes in honor of Rep. John Lewis, the disgraceful U.S. Congressman who lied about being called the 'N' word by a tea partier in Washington D.C last month.

Most of the Maxim 'Hot 100' are white but who cares as long as they're hot. The list is better than last year when many people cancelled their subscriptions because of the biased list featuring the not-so-hot Michelle Obama making the list and placing ahead of Marisa Tomei while ignoring Miss California Carrie Prejean, one of the hottest women in the world. They ignored her just because she's an 'open' conservative. (Notice we said 'open' conservative.)

Carrie Prejean was robbed in the Miss USA pageant by a flaming vile sodomite judge named Perez Hilton simply because she believed that marriage is between a man and a woman, the same belief President Obama and Hillary Clinton have. She SHOULD be the current Miss USA and on the 'Hot 100' list while Perez Hilton should still be in a hospital bed.

People who subscribe to Maxim want to see 'HOT' women on the 'Hot 100' list, not some political suck up. If Maxim continues that practice, they too will be seeking a bailout like TIME, Newsweek and our pathetic dishonest newspapers are.


Say it ain't so! How in the world did the angry miserable cow Joy Behar NOT make the 'Hot 100' list? We have the answer. 'She ugly..'

Elizabeth Hasselback and Angie Harmon could of been on that list but they're 'open' conservatives. Kelly Ripa made the list and she looks like a bulimic crackhead.

Maybe next year Maxim can do a 'Hot 100' list for women in politics. They can feature Michelle Obama, Janet Napolitano, Elena Kagan and Christina Romer; YUCK!

'Yes, we're kidding...'


  1. i agree, Carrie is one of the prettiest girls. she has no imperfections. she's so hot.

  2. Why did she withdraw her lawsuit against the Miss America pageant? Because she made a porn video when she was 17. Her parents must be so proud.

  3. My beauty excites aesthetic pleasure in the male beast, stiring sensuous emotions not unlike beautiful mountain scenery. My body is graceful, delicate and exquisite, like a lovely melody. My buttocks are proportioned, symmetrical, elegant, like a handsome Georgian mansion. There is nothing superficial or insubstantial about my attractiveness, I come across like conventionally pretty scenes in Masterpieces. Men coolly approve and emotionally respond to my comely grace. Take a deep look at me, my beauty suggests purity, flawlessness and freshness.
    Only a fool would suggest otherwise.

    This terrible site is so jealous of me.

  4. I don't know why you knock Maxim. You seem to be saying they should only pick conservative women for the top 100. Would that somehow make them less bias?

  5. The rose is celebrated by gardeners and poets alike.

    The flower must not blame the bee-----Michelle, you must not be disposed to suspect rivalry and petty jealousness---

    Don't you know by now----like an insect that pollinates a flower your beauty pollenizer's the natural world. Your aggregate qualities of loveliness, like tulips, lilies and jasmine, ornament our landscape.

    A quality of loss
    Affecting our Content
    As trade had suddenly encroached
    Opon a Sacrament---

    In the future like the daffidils and conifers, you will be rembered for your BIG ASS.

  6. They weren't knocking Maxim totally, just for picking Michelle Obama for the hot 100 list. She's not hot. It was political. What don't you get?

    I know liberals are the most in denial, dishonest people on the planet and have a really hard time admitting they're wrong (Bob Beckell-perfect example) but deep down inside, even you know that Michelle shouldn't have been on that list. So what's your beef with the post?

    It says the list is better this year. She's not on it. I am one of those people who stopped buying Maxim because like Time and Newsweek, I hate bias, I just want to read legitimate magazines and if Maxim continues their practice, their subscriptions will drop. I agree. You are just being biased.

    The article also didn't say they should pick conservatives, if you had the ability to comprehend and had just one inch of intelligence you would see that the point was a conservative woman seems to have a strike against them right off the bat and they tend to avoid open conservatives. I see it says "Open" conservative. Liberals who run magazines do not like open conservatives, except Megan McCain, who is not a conservative, but they call her one anyway. She's an insecure progressive with low self esteem, typical of a liberal female.

    How do you liberals become so irrational and stupid? It's right there, in front of you and you can't seem to comprehend something so simple.

    I used to think Obama supporters were dumb because they let Obama insult their intelligence until I realized Obama supporters don't have any. You are the proof of that.

  7. Who cares if she played with herself when she was 17 and sent it to her boyfriend. it's better than getting gangbanged by a buch of dudes and then liberals celebrate you being a whore.

    Besides, thats a lame excuse considering they already did the damage to her months before that was even discovered. so now thats justification? It just shows that you had nothing else before that.

    Here's why I despise liberals. Their hypocrisy. Clinton and Obama would have gave the same exact answer as Prejean. Get a life loser.

  8. I think Michelle put it best: Beauty is expressed in many ways. When this site talks about beautiful women, it tends to favor those with superficial features probably because of the way the people who put it together tend view women as a whole. Essentially, creatures put on earth for them. Not to be sisters or mothers, or even grandmothers, but to be there and available for sex.

  9. I'll take Michelle Obama over Penelope Cruz 24/7.
    Michelle is HOT.

  10. "Who cares if she played with herself when she was 17 and sent it to her boyfriend."

    The people who are charged with maintaining the integrity of the Miss America Pageant. They care a lot.

  11. Well, those officials wouldn't of cared had Carrie been a liberal. The head official is gay. He places his penis where a man has his bowel movement and has intercourse. And you are telling me that's okay. That's integrity? The judge Perez Hilton that asked her the question has anal sex with random guys and brags about it on youtube. That's integrity?

    You're telling me after the recent photo shoot that Miss America now all of the sudden cares about integrity? lol. wow you are one dumb sob.

  12. Michelle is not beautiful inside either. You morons just don't get it. Michelle is a bitter, angry, racist. I don't care if you agree or not, it's true so deal with it. It is what it is.

    She was real beautiful with her patient dumping scheme at UC Hosp. when she turned down the poor black kid with no health care insurance at her hospital after he was attacked by a pit bull. Her husband Barack secured a huge earmark and Michelle gets a $350,000 salary and raise at Univ Chicago hospital in the 'mean' country we live in.

    She removed different races from sitting behind Barack, even saying 'we need more white people' behind Baracks podium. Real sweetheart!

    She's an elitist snob and a radical. She could care a less about obesity, but leads the fight against it for the SEIU. Michelle is far from nice or beautiful. She has managed to even con you.

    You obviously have no idea who the 'real' Michelle Obama is. I guess those 20 staffers they hired to make her appear 'more whiter' has fooled you too dummy.

    SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE and wake up and smell that 5 foot pile of shit your standing in please...

  13. donte adams was the kids name who was attacked by pitbull.


    Sen. Barack Obama’s wife and three close advisers have been involved with a program at the University of Chicago Medical Center that steers patients who don’t have private insurance — primarily poor, black people — to other health care facilities.

    Michelle Obama — currently on unpaid leave from her $317,000-a-year job as a vice president of the prestigious hospital — helped create the program, which aims to find neighborhood doctors for low-income people who were flooding the emergency room for basic treatment. Hospital officials say such patients hinder their ability to focus on more critically ill patients in need of specialized care, such as cancer treatment and organ transplants.

    Obama’s top political strategist, David Axelrod, co-owns the firm, ASK Public Strategies, that was hired by the hospital last year to sell the program — called the Urban Health Initiative — to the community as a better alternative for poor patients. Obama’s wife and Valerie Jarrett, an Obama friend and adviser who chairs the medical center’s board, backed the Axelrod firm’s hiring, hospital officials said.

    Another Obama adviser and close friend, Dr. Eric Whitaker, took over the Urban Health Initiative when he was hired at U. of C. in October 2007. Whitaker previously had been director of the Illinois Department of Public Health. Obama has said he recommended Whitaker for the state job, giving his name to Tony Rezko, who helped Gov. Blagojevich assemble his Cabinet. Rezko, a former fund-raiser for Obama and Blagojevich, was convicted in June on federal corruption charges tied to state deals.



  14. "Well, those officials wouldn't of cared had Carrie been a liberal."

    You don't know that. The one thing that makes the Prejean story news is that, like other conservatives, she sets herself to be morally superior. When the upright moralists fail, that's not conservative or liberal. It's news. It's man bites dog.

  15. This pains me to tell you this Anonymous, but I have to bust your bubble----
    That Michelle Obama post was by me ----
    It was a tongue in cheek----and----you fell for it-----"SAD"----

    The truth----Michelle is frightful---super offensive to the sight----she is not only morally offensive but vision offensive---
    In this case the truth is ugly-----

  16. Talk about an infraction of good manners, you, Mr. Russell G. breach every moral and social code: I am not outraged, but I am insulted with your characterization of me. I question your motives, you must be a Republican.

    Stevie Wonder thinks I'm hot.

  17. As everyone knows by now I was a pretty good softball player back in the day---
    What is not known was I was a switch-hitter.
    I feel it is my obligation to come clean on this personal matter before the press distorts my personal life.


  18. "It was a tongue in cheek----and----you fell for it-----"SAD"----"

    If you can feel good about lying Russell I don't know why that makes anyone else sad.

  19. Just one man's opinion, but don't you think your being a bit harsh on the first lady. It seems to me that that there has been an emphatic reference to her arse. These derogatory implication's to it's size seem a tad callous.

    The truth of the matter is the White House employs 8 chefs. Michelle has a hearty appetite, she has this instinctive desire not to waste any food, plus an inherent craving ""an insatiable appetitus"" for protein, carbohydrate and fat in extraodinary bulk proportions.

    Can you give the lady a break now that you know about her eating habits.
    The prodigiousness of her enormous appetite has morphed her buttocks into a monstrous size, not because she is lazy. Let's show a little respect for the first lady.


  20. I have not laughed this hard in a long time. Russ G. you are good for my temperament. Stay on top of it, and keep it coming.

  21. Hey Anonymous, you got snagged by some obvious comedy narrative written in a comic style. You were not bright enough to catch on. Shame on you.

  22. In a workout, you probably couldn't last 15 minutes with her Russell. Because you're a Little Man.

  23. Russell, in his inimatable style, exposes liberal hypocrisy, and he seems to take a special pleasure in torturing you Anonymous. Eveytime you comment you make his point clearer. Liberals are IDIOTS

  24. Hey Anonymous we can both agree on this----

    Dropping any extra pounds you're carring and maintaining a healthy weight can brighten your mood and boost your confidence-----and you'll prevent the pitfalls of obesity---which include an increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers----but, and here is the kicker, one has to stay away from the refrigerator----and there-in lies the reason for Michelle's HHHUUUGGGEEE TUSH----it is one thing to treat yourself occasionally but Michelle takes her deserts and snacks to the max---

    Michelle claims-----she cannot satisfy her feeling of hunger without turning to unhealthy snacking and sugary drinks with empty calories---

    Are you buying her reasoning for being a glutton Anonymous----I'm not----and the troubling part is that her rump is still growing into it's full maturity----Michelle's voracious eating and drinking will balloon her ASS into a modern day Hindenburg----

  25. Wonderful Isabel. Don't agree with me, politically, you're an idiot. Do you think that makes you look smart?