Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FLASHBACK! 'Bad Ass' Congresswoman Michele Bachmann: 'We Now Have A Total Gangster Government.' She Wasn't Kidding!

Well, she's right. We would love to see Michele on the 2012 ticket. She's one of the few representitives in congress who has a spine.

Michele Bachmann is #1 on Pelosi's hit list which should tell you how awesome Bachman is and how good she is for this country.

Remember when she said that some democrat members of congress were acting unAmerican? We proved that she was right. Click here..


  1. It takes 10 Republican men to measure up to one Michelle Bachmann-----Michelle is the Real Deal--

    The raw power of propaganda-----and the skilled manipulation of public discource has all but dissipated like vapor for the Turd In Chief----

    Only Marxists and people affected with idiocy still imbibe the Kooled-Down-Aid---

    Now to appease The Great Muslim Satan, Obama must dance with the Devil----and still Obama is mocked by his once desert brothers---
    All the bowing does now for Obama is attract flies to his face, as flies are and have always been attracted to turds---

    Now, shrewd and ambitious has been replaced by plot cunning and unscrupulous------as Obama must incessantly provide the free lunch for the slow and destracted----

    Come November----the hope is that the system can be cleansed and that eventually justice prevails---------

  2. "Come November"--------the American people can choose, who should walk the plank and who should be hung------

  3. we need to get the email list Obama has because God only knows the LIES that will be emailed to those people who will still go to vote away their own freedom.
    If we get control in November, Michelle Bachman needs to be rewarded with MAJORITY LEADER.. no more PC BS, no more appeasement,, no more reaching across the aisle to get slapped in the face and stabbed in the back!
    We are RIGHT and they are COMMUNISTS!
    If Pelosi manages to take Bachman down, it will be her parity's demise because Bachman can join Palin in speaking TRUTH and common sense to the American people to wake the rest of the up to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!

  4. Its about time to have a woman in the W.H.