Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Unreal: Mexico joins lawsuits against Arizona over new immigration law

This video is enough to make a real American vomit on their keyboard. Every single disgusting anti-America democrat who stood up in this video should be standing in the unemployment line. Hopefully, this will be used as a perfect campaign ad to get rid of these trash bag democrats.

Unreal: Mexico joins lawsuits against Arizona over new immigration law.

Where are we nationally in the polls in terms of support for Arizona’s law? Around 60 percent or so, yes?

Send this to an immigration fencesitter you know and love and let’s see if we can’t get it up to 70.

In a legal brief supporting one of the lawsuits, Mexico argued that the measure is unconstitutional and “raises substantial challenges to the bilateral diplomatic relations between Mexico and the U.S.”

More than 20 million Mexican workers, tourists and students were lawfully allowed into the United States throughout 2009, said the brief, and the government is worried Mexicans will be discriminated against because of racial profiling.
“Mexico is gravely concerned that (Arizona’s law) will lead to … detentions of Mexican citizens without regard to whether they have taken any actions or exhibited any behavior indicating they are guilty of a crime,” the brief said. READ MORE...

NOTE- So Eric Holder and Obama are going to sue the state of Arizona for enforcing a law that the federal government isn't, but they wouldn't prosecute the black panthers for obvious voter intimidation that was caught on video! What the hell is wrong with these people?!? Now Mexico is suing Arizona?


We will let the hysterical and brutally honest Pastor Manning take this one...

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