Friday, June 11, 2010

FLASHBACK! Video: The 'Real' Black Man Alan Keyes and His Dead On Prediction of Obama. Why Wasn't Keyes Taken Seriously?

He was laughed at, called crazy and dismissed, even by Republicans! Well who is laughing now? While MOSTLY white liberals in the media are bullshitting the American people on a daily basis and saying that Obama might not be 'black enough,' here you have a 'real' black man named Alan Keyes who was warning people, telling the truth about Obama and backing his shit up with facts. While Obama continued to force drools out of Katie Couric and shot tingly thrills up the legs of morons like Chris Matthews for being nothing more than a radical, incompetent, compulsive lying, anti-American sissy, Alan Keyes was getting attacked for simply telling the truth! Unbelievable...

For all of the spineless sheep out there who want to blow off Alan Keyes, fact check what Keyes said. Everything he said about Obama is TRUE and they need to stop living in denial and deal with it..


  1. I should have voted for Alan Keyes. I'll admit it, I'm spineless. However, I never blew him off. I respect him and think what he has to say is pretty much dead on most of the time.

    I wish someone could prove Obama isn't a citizen so we could be done with him. Biden looks better and better everyday.

  2. Every word he said is true....I have been a supporter of Keyes for awhile and it's sad he is looked at as an afterthought. He was place in IL by the Repubs with no chance to win against Obama, but is clearly head and shoulder above that fool.

  3. I LOVE ALAN KEYES!!! Always have, always will. He has always kept it real, which is why he has never been president. America wants to be bullshitted... Keyes won't comply.