Friday, June 11, 2010

THE PERFECT DEMOCRAT: Clueless, Dumb, Deceptive and Facing a Felony Pornography Charge, Alvin Greene Wins S.C Primary..

He seems kinda 'slow.' The democrats are trying to run this guy out of town. If republicans tried that to a dumb black candidate, you would hear cries of racism coming from the left.

He really doesn't like talking about his pending pornography charge or his military background, if he even has one. When it comes to transparency, Greene is right up there with Barack Obama. In fact, if this Senate thing doesn't work out for Greene, he would make a perfect member of the Obama administration. All he has to do is NOT pay his taxes and he's in...

VIDEO- Keith Olbermann interviews (tries to) Alvin Greene...

This guy is full of one word answers and really weird, but he did get the votes and he won. That says something about the voters of South Carolina.

You have a great Senator in the United States Jim Demint, who is from South Carolina. The biggest RINO Senator Lindsey Graham is from South Carolina. Now you have a PERFECT new Senate candidate who won't win, but if he did, would fit perfectly into the congressional black caucus of 'dummies.'

Wouldn't you just LOVE to see a round table with Alvin Greene, the former black panther Congressman Bobby 'Punch Drunk' Rush, Maxine 'Ebonics Queen' Waters, James 'Racecard' Clyburn and Sheila Jackson Lee? After a few minutes you would immediately realize why America is heading so fast towards a major collapse.



  1. Whoever this guy was running against had to be a total ass! I know I have voted for people on the ticket I had never heard of because I didn't want to re-elect an ass. So help me God, I will not vote for Corker when he runs again. If I have to vote for an Alvin Greene type character, so be it. The current retards can be swaped for new ones.

    I can't believe I just wrote that, but whatever, it's true. There are some politicians I can't stand. And those are the ones that look you in the eye and say one thing, turn around and do something else with no explaning or apology.

    It's time these politicians are held responsible and if they don't knock off their idiocy, the entire senate could turn out to be full of Greenes! They better wake up!

    By the way, I don't think poor Alvin has any idea what is coming his way... should be entertaining to watch though.

  2. Carrie,

    I too think the same thing. I think the the dems that voted for Alvin Greene were merely voting not so much for Greene as they were voting against a guy who known in political circles here in SC. But the way the dems are spinning this has me intrigued by their conclusions about the whole thing so far this is a sample list of what they have said they think happened:

    1) The voters voted alphabetically
    2) The voter voted because Greene is a common surname for blacks
    3) Republicans voted across party lines for this guy (which I know is not only not true but ridiculous to even think,let alone voice, such an idea.)
    4) Mr. Greene must be a plant of the GOP
    4) With Mr. Greenes obvious lack of "intellect" 5omeone must have put him up to this, he could not have possibly come up with the idea on his own
    6) There must be some sort of tampering with the vote count

    I kid you not.

  3. Corruption + brothers knee-jerkingly voting for brothers = keep getting the politicians you deserve.