Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Megyn Kelly: Actually, Elton John had a great time at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding

What makes you wanna vomit more? Looking at Joy Behar are listening to her?

Via Mediaite, a rebuttal to lefties and gay-rights activists speculating that the only reason a guy who’s in a civil union would play the wedding of an alleged neo-Hitlerian gay-hater is for a $1 million payday. (Sample quote: “Isn’t that a bit like Beyoncé entertaining at a KKK rally?”) Two things. First, Kelly quotes Elton as having said that he’s “all about tearing down walls and building bridges,” which is true to form. Remember when he teamed up for a Freddie Mercury tribute with Axl Rose, whose most notorious song for Guns ‘n Roses sneered about “immigrants and faggots”? Remember when he dueted at the Grammys with Eminem, who has his own share of gay-baiting lyrics? He has been to known to bridge-build from time to time.
Second, according to Zev Chafets’s new book, Limbaugh’s view on gays is a tad more nuanced than the left would like to believe. Quote:

Chafets notes Limbaugh’s libertarian streak, which puts him on the opposite sides of some big issues from family values conservatives.

“He regards homosexuality as, most probably, biologically determined, and while he opposes gay marriage as culturally subversive, he has no problem with gay civil unions. — which is the stance of President Obama and Hillary Clinton… He is not opposed to capital punishment, but he ‘wouldn’t go to the mat over it.” READ MORE...

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