Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Obama on BP CEO: 'He Wouldn't Be Working For Me' (Unless He Was A Self-Avowed Communist, Marxist Professor Or A Radical Chicago Hack)

Of course Tony Hayward wouldn't work for President Obama, he doesn't qualify.


Tony Hayward didn't fail as a governor and bankrupt Kansas and Arizona like Kathleen Sebelius and Janet Napolitano did.

Tony isn't a scumbag trial lawyer or a radical professor who indoctrinates students with propaganda. Those folks make up 2/3 of the democratic party.

Tony Hayward isn't a self-avowed communist or a Marxist who seeks social justice at the expense of white-middle-class Americans. That also means he doesn't qualify as a czar, UNLESS he supports radical homosexuality being taught at elementary schools by handing out fisting kits, THEN he might qualify.

Tony Hayward also isn't from Chicago, so therefore he isn't a polished expert in bribing, threatening and lying for political gain while robbing tax payers for their own financial gain.

Tony Hayward didn't serve in the Clinton administration.

Tony Hayward didn't attend a 'black liberation theology' church. He isn't for 'wealth redistribution or a 'transformation of the United States of America' or calling America the 'U.S. of-KKK-A.'

FINALLY, Tony Hayward wouldn't work in the Obama administration because he would probably READ A BILL before he voted on it...

This manufactured anger by Obama is just a show. Maybe he's taking advice from that little dweeb Spike Lee who said a few days ago that, "Obama needs to go off," as if that will plug the hole in the Gulf. This from Lee, the 'rubber brother' who still believes that George Bush went out to the Gulf on a row boat with a stick and a fan and hurled a category five hurricane at New Orleans to intentionally kill black people, which is why Spike Lee is a moron.

Maybe we could plug the hole with the nappy headed Spike Lee and his non-prescription-coke-bottled-glasses-wearing twin brother Cornel West. Maybe Spike can tell Obama to put down his golf clubs and his basketball, cancel his Chicago vacation, stop partying like a rock star at the White House and start acting like a damn President before WE fire his ass in 2012!

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  1. funny as shit! right on, couldn't of said it better myself. spike and cornel do look alike! lol