Thursday, June 10, 2010

MENTAL MIDGET: Boxer: Carbon dioxide will be “leading cause of conflict” in next 20 years

Did you hear this piece of trash? This woman is absolutely NUTS! Why do we give power to and allow nutbags like Boxer to serve in the Senate for so many years?

Let’s see how Senator Ma’am’s priorities work in this revealing clip from her speech earlier today in the Senate. We’ve had four terrorist attacks in less than a year, two of which succeeded in killing people and another two which only failed because of the incompetence of the terrorist. Iran is a year or less away from getting a nuclear weapon. Turkey is rapidly sliding towards Islamism. North Korea is doing their best to restart the Korean War.
And what keeps Barbara Boxer awake at night? A raging case of the vapors: READ MORE...


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  1. The leading cause of conflict is that we are sharing the same oxygen with people like you---