Thursday, June 10, 2010

TERRORIST STIMULUS PACKAGE! Obama announces a $400 million aid package for the Palestinians! Rep. Pence to Obama: Whose side are you on, anyway?

Rep. Mike Pence delivered a strong challenge to Barack Obama on the House floor this morning on his handling of foreign policy, which is especially timely on the day after Obama announced a $400 million aid package for the Palestinians and held a photo session with Mahmoud Abbas — just a few weeks after deliberately refusing to hold one with Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel offered to lift restrictions on spices and snack foods, but the Palestinians want “spare parts and electronics,” which the Israelis might well believe would have less-than-peaceful purposes. Besides, while Hamas continues to use Gaza for a launching pad and refuses to release Gilad Shalit after holding him hostage for four years, is the next move really Israel’s? Pence wonders whether Obama intends to support our ally in the region at all: READ MORE...

Are We Funding Hamas? Michele Bachmann

We are $13 trillion in debt. We will be $19.6 trillion in debt come 2015. Yet, the President wants to send $400 million for “humanitarian aid” to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, an area controlled by the terrorist organization Hamas. As well intentioned this offer may be how can we be sure our money will not be used to fund terrorist activities? Well, we can’t. READ MORE...

NOTE- Well now we know why the terrorist organizations endorsed Obama when he was running for President. The idiots laughed and now they should feel really stupid. Oh wait, they are really stupid..


  1. I can't believe this shit. This should be told accuratley on ABC-NBC-CBS and CNN. This is bullshit and Obama should be impeached right now. We need a military coup or something. This man is pissing away money 10 times more than that other dope George Bush did! Just when you thought it couldnt get any worse than Clinton and Bush here comes a guy whose shady past in a secret and who conned his way into the white house. How in the hell does this guy have anything over a 5% approval rating!???!

  2. Pence, who's side are you on?
    It ain't ours.
    The drum roll has to grow to get rid of this asshole.

  3. let send obuma to mexico (in a box)