Friday, June 11, 2010

“Racist” Hallmark Card? NAACP (National Association of Always Complaining People) Whines Over Hallmark Card That Isn't Racist. Hallmark Caves!

These MORONS had a press conference over this? What planet are these people from? (Don't go there!)

Most blacks disagree with these idiots and understand that the card is NOT racist. Just read all of the comments on YouTube. Is the NAACP claiming that blacks are too dumb and not familiar with science enough to understand the solar system and black HOLES?

Does the NAACP believe that blacks don't understand what a 'graduation' card is? Sounds like stereotyping to us. Then again look who runs the NAACP, a group who advances themselves, not blacks. A group that still uses the racist word 'colored' in their organizations name. When God created blacks, he didn't 'color' them.

The NAACP has become a major embarrassment and a total joke. They actually use and oppress blacks ALMOST as much as white liberals and democrats do..

As for Hallmark, shame on them. The spineless wimps caved and pulled the card instead of creating a new card telling the NAACP to shove their accusations up their ass (black hole). Call Hallmark and rip them a new A-HOLE. (816-274-4314)

Don't buy any Hallmark cards unless they not only put the card back on the shelves, but sue the NAACP for defamation. False claims of racism are so common today that when REAL racism happens, no one believes it anymore and it's because of dumb people like the 'racetards' in the above video.

HotAir- The bad news? Rather than stand up to this idiocy, Hallmark looked at its bottom line and figured a PR war with the NAACP wasn’t worth it. The card’s been yanked from the market. The good news? The clip’s destined to be a viral hit and big media outlets like FNC have already picked up the story. (A segment ran within the past hour or so.) I hope the outrageously outraged enjoy the widespread derision they’re going to draw for it. The best news? If this is what the L.A. NAACP now considers a priority for direct action, Los Angeles must be completely racism-free. Three cheers for progress.

Exit question: Doesn’t this mean NASA is the most racist organization in America?

The kid in the VIDEO below is a little pissed about the crybabies over at the NAACP , but he does make some good points. It's a funny video, but WARNING, if you don't like the 'F' bomb being dropped, you might NOT want to watch it.

WARNING- Profanity..and the truth..


  1. that kid is funny. i like how the lady in the press conference with her big ass bug eyes tried to sound intelligent claiming to be the president of respect coalition or some shit. so what? you are still dumb!

  2. The kid is right. NAACP are acting childish and just wanted attention. I tried to hear whores instead of holes. I can't even hear it when I try. It must be a black thing.

  3. The grievance groups must continually imagine grievances to gripe about or they will dry up and blow away. They are sick people looking for excuses to justify their life failures and, of course, attract donations from dumb white liberals.

  4. Most black people could give a crap about a fricken Hallmark card says. Most black people are smarter than to think the NAACP gives a crap about them as well.