Monday, June 28, 2010

Things You Don't See at Tea Parties: 500 Arrests at G20.

Police conducted a large raid and rounded up more protesters Sunday in an effort to quell further violence at the global economic summit after black-clad youths rampaged through the city, smashing windows and torching police cruisers.

Police said they have arrested more than 500 demonstrators, many of whom were hauled away in plastic handcuffs and taken to a temporary holding center constructed for the summit.

Thousands of police in riot gear formed cordons to prevent radical anti-globalization demonstrations from breaching the steel and concrete security fence surrounding the Group of 20 summit site.

Toronto Police Sgt. Tim Burrows said police made at least 50 arrests in a Sunday morning raid on a building on the campus of the University of Toronto, where they seized a cache of "street-type weaponry" such as bricks, sticks and rocks. READ MORE...

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  1. I am appalled at all of those "tolerant liberal/leftists"! I am so glad that they held that stupid summit in Canada. I, for one have been swayed by their strong political position and now find that I am even a stronger conservative. Thank you for the additional ammunition for use in my disagreements with liberal/leftist/communist/markists anarchists. You and your loser parents must be so proud. Thanks Canada, another example of why no one wants to be like you.