Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cornell West: Michelle Obama 'Has a Lot of Malcolm X In Her.' Obama's 'No Messiah.'

Princeton professor (and spoken-word artist) Cornel West has never been shy about publicly sharing his views, whether about race in America, Obama's Nobel Prize or animal rights. He talks to Playboy for its August issue and is typically candid about what's going on today with the tea party movement, Barack Obama, FLOTUS and more.

A sampling of some of West's choicest quotes:

On Michelle Obama: "I think she's got a lot of Malcolm X in her, a lot of Ella Baker. But she's had to contain it in a very intense manner to conform to the first lady image. Somebody of her brilliance, somebody of her vision, somebody of her courage confined to keeping gardens at the White House, reaching out to military families, highlighting childhood obesity. I think she could be a great force for change if she could only set herself free. She can't, though. Black sister exercising her power, willing to take a stand, would be too much of a threat." READ MORE...

Gee, ya think? Michelle Obama does have a lot of Malcolm X in her and most informed smart people already knew that.

Cornell West is FINALLY right about something!

Would Cornel West be happy if all whites and Jews were just exterminated? (His classroom would shrink)

Remember, without all of those white folks around, especially the guilt-ridden ones, Cornel West and Van Jones would not be employed by Princeton University, who will hire just about anyone as long as they're radicals who despise America, capitalism Jews and whites. There's a special place in the hearts of Ivy League academics for people like West and Jones, so be careful what you wish for Cornell...

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