Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RESCUE ME JOY! Obama To Appear On 'The View' Thursday, One Of The Few Audiences Left Who Are Still Dumb Enough To Buy His B.S.

This video shows how the beasts from 'The View' treated Barack Obama as compared to John McCain. The slobbering of Barack Obama was so pathetic that they had to change the cushions from the couch on the set.

At least Barack Obama actually kept a promise. He said he would come back to The View and sure enough, he's there today taping a show which is scheduled to air tomorrow.

Will the angry cow Joy Behar ask Obama about his amazing talent for killing jobs, screwing up the health care bill, redistributing wealth, failing stimulus bills, creating massive debt, broken campaign promises, his delayed response to the BP oil spill, his compulsive lies and signing a finance reform bill written by two of the most corrupt politicians in America who are partially responsible for the economic collapse? Probably not...

Maybe if Elizabeth can get a word in, she can ask Obama WHY he appointed admitted communist, Marxist and socialist radicals to his czars (Van Jones, Mark Lloyd, Carol Browner, David Jennings and Cass Sunstein to name a few) and also ask him where he directed most of that stimulus money. See if he can remember without his teleprompter.

Then if there's still some time left, she can ask Obama why his attorney is suing Arizona, but not pursuing the case against the Black Panthers. Finally, ask Obama why it's okay for him to play golf, throw parties at the White House and take several vacations during the oil spill and two wars when Bush got attacked for doing less.

It ain't gonna happen...

Look for the audience to be stacked with Obama supporters ONLY so they can applaud him and make him seem even more likable when he lies about 'creating and saving' millions of jobs, when he actually lost millions with his failed liberal policies.

And of course Obama will use his typical weak starting line 'In the midst of our greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression' (bullsh*t!) to throw off his drooling moronic supporters.

Obama is so predictable and so pathetic to watch.

The audience of 'The View' is about the dumbest group of people next to the audience of the 'Real Time with Bill Maher' show. Maybe Obama will hit 'Real Time' next as he's running out of people who believe him. They already know he's a compulsive lying con artist. His approval rating is creeping down to the 39% range and Pelosi's congress is at a dismal 11%.

This might sound crazy, but...can't wait to watch 'The View' tomorrow!

Even the liberal nuts over at The Huffington Post are hammering Obama in their comments section. Are the idiots starting to finally come around?

Ed Rendell Compares 'The View' to 'Jerry Springer'

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