Friday, July 2, 2010

DON'T LAUGH.....READY? Obama Says Economy Headed In Right Direction. Umm, Is This Guy Serious?

The 'flying con artist' is at it again. Unbelievable...

The short of this is that Obama says though economy is headed in the right direction, it’s not going fast enough. So he’s going to invest (spend) in giving broadband to Americans who don’t have it. He says it will create 5k jobs. So let me get this straight – we’re spending more stimulus money on 5k more temporary jobs when over 600k left the workforce in June. Brilliant!

You can read Ed Morrissey’s great analysis of today’s unemployment numbers, but the take away for me is that the unemployment rate dropped to 9.5% because of the 652k who left the work force and aren’t counted anymore.

The unemployment rate fell as 652,000 people gave up on their job searches and left the labor force. People who are no longer looking for work aren’t counted as unemployed.

We call Obama the 'flying' con artist because all he does is fly all over the country wasting millions of your tax dollars to lie to people about health care, energy, illegal immigration and the economy.

What's mind-boggling is that there are STILL some people left in the world who still believe his so-obvious lies. They would be the people in the video below. These people are the either the most naive people on the planet, or just plain stupid. Just watch them, it's pathetic..

What the heck are these people so giddy about? And why are they applauding a guy who is obviously lying to them? Do they even have an ounce of intelligence to insult?

These people are similar to cult members showing their loyalty to Obama like the Branch Davidian did to David Koresh.

It's why we call them idiots..


  1. We don't want no stinkin reality or clarity around here: what we want is effective propaganda that induces the consumer (the few who still have jobs) to run that 29.99% credit card balance up even higher.

  2. MAAANNN!!! I can't get past the title without laughing. No fair!
    ~ ok, I'll go watch now and make sure I'm not drinking while I do, don't want anything coming out of my nose.

  3. Ugghhhhh I couldn't bare to watch the kool aid drinking worship. A lot of these Obama supporters make me sick. The ones I have come across are extremely ignorant & hostile. I remember debating 1 idiot about Obama & gave him a verbal beating on his crack smoking president. That dude got so mad he wanted to fight me. LMAO!! That is another issue I have with kool aid drinkers. You cannot have a civilized debate with them without it turning violent. These youtube clips online can prove it. Look at how those union criminals beat up Kenneth Gladney for no reason.

    At least when I would go against Bush & his supporters disagree with me on the issues. They NEVER threatened to use violence on me. That shows the lack of intelligence these Obama cretins have & Pres. Obama knows he has a bunch of dummies as followers that he can use & abuse. These jokers can also fit right in with Jim Jones & the other wacky cult group called the Heaven's Gate crew.

  4. Crime dosen't pay----Grow up
    Crime does pay, and it pays well----the Obama administration has the best criminal minds on it's payroll and a lap-dog media that see's no evil---

    We may not have business or jobs, but we have social justice and plenty of sunshine--


  5. It's to damned bad that we can't flush him down the same toilet he is flushing our economy. This is what you get when give the power to the sheeple.

  6. For a time, The Muslim Usurper lulled and stupefied the public, but like a drug that loses its narcotic effect, there has been a marked change in the American consciousness, and now The Turd has become a commodity that is not salable anymore---there is no demand for failure ---his presidency is an impoverishment of fertility, it's depleated and drained of the richness of key essentials, and will forever be known for it's complete BANKRUPANCY---

  7. He also told us that the border is secure and safe - just about the time the new story about the massacre just south of the border broke.

    I guess he's just going to have to tell us that a few more million times.

  8. The human 9/11 job destroyer has pulled his last con. On the night of November 2, 2010 The Fly Magnet will utter these 4 words of infamy "the election is lost."

  9. The Great Obsession has turned into The Great Depression for Obama's shrinking supporters-----
    feelings of dejection and hopelessness have replaced hope and change as more and more of his former partisans now see Obama as a HOLLOW MAN, not unlike a cavity in a hollow tree-----his hollow promises are lacking in sincerity, substance and what's becoming glaringly obvious, there "MEANINGLESS."

    Obama still has appeal and incites interest in flies----turds will always attract flee's.

  10. ***IT HAS BEGUN***

    As if, by a process of unnatural reversion-----
    The butterfly of the left, who is chiefly occupied with the pursuit of pleasure, is having his wings refolded and stuffed unceremoniously back into his decomposing cocoon. The skeleton with the scythe is politically critically ill----
    Even the flies know it----------

  11. Job killer indeed!!!!!