Friday, July 2, 2010

MORE 'HUGO' OBAMA TRANSPARENCY? CNN: The feds are trying to block media coverage of how bad the oil spill is...

Via Cubachi, a good one from last night’s AC 360. I don’t think this is an “Obama problem” as much as it is a “government problem,” but of course the bold, fresh Hopenchange climate of transparency was supposed to solve this particular government problem, wasn’t it? READ MORE...

See below clip. According to multiple sources, BP’s actually stooped to creating the beach equivalent of Potemkin villages as backdrops for Obama photo ops. Even the stuff in the gulf that looks okay isn’t really okay.


  1. what took this dork so long. why do gay men always support liberals? do you see what it is doing to men like anderson cooper? it's taken him 19 months to realize what smart right wingers knew all along. that Obama is a lying, corrupt, vindictive, arrogant piece of sheeeet..

    i'm a gay conservative. i know democrats use us for a vote and pit us against common sense conservatives by lying about them and trying to scare us. this fag has a gun. i like low taxes. I dont want another 9-11. i believe in God...and I believe God loves me even though I'm gay. I don't agree with gay marriage....civil unions are fine. I don't sweat Obama's assss. I don't want to redistribute my wealth. I don't want national healthcare or cap and trade. I don't want a VATax. I don't like illegals coming in here and harrassing me like they do. People needs to wakeup in this country. Transparancy??? Come on anderson, tell me you really didnt believe him.

  2. if Bush did this!!!!! OMG!