Monday, July 26, 2010

HUMAN TRASH BAG: Audio: Boxer compares serving in Congress to serving in the military?

Yes, Barbara Boxer, the intellectual racist, is TRASH.

“Barbara Boxer’s disrespectful comments underscore just how out of touch she has become after her 28 years in Washington,“ Veterans for Carly Coalition Co-Chairman Lt. Commander Paul Chabot said in a press release, in response to Boxer’s comments. “Equating the experiences of members of Congress with those of brave soldiers who have fought to defend our country is just the latest example in a failed career marked by disrespect for our men and women in uniform.”…

Barbara Boxer is a disrespectful, snotty, elitist liberal who needs to be defeated in November.

Remember Boxer's disrespect for Brigadier General Michael Walsh?

This is why Boxer is a human trash bag. The nerve of this snob is unbelievable..

Remember her incident with Harry Alford from the Black Chamber of Commerce? This is what WE call 'intellectual racism' by white liberals...

What's mind-boggling is that those idiots in Barbara Boxer's district will still vote her into another term in the Senate.

Sen. Boxer: condescending, disrespectful, or just mean?

Barbara Boxer Objects To Health Care Protesters' "Attire"

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  1. She has no respect, that's all it is. She simply doesn't care anymore, if she ever did.