Monday, July 26, 2010

FOX Doesn't Go Far Enough. Megyn Kelly Is Wrong, Tancredo Is Right. Obama's A Marxist Who Should Be Impeached...

Like him or not, agree or disagree, the bottom line is that Tom Tancredo is right. He's DEAD on about Obama.

Why is a former congressman being ridiculed and attacked for telling the truth and warning Americans about the dangerous Barack Hussein Obama? Do we really have that many naive people out there? How much more evidence do these people need? How much more damage, MOST of which won't even kick in until after 2016, does this President have to do before the naysayers wake up?

Even an O.J. jury could see that Obama is a radical Marxist who is destroying the economy, creating massive debt and an entitlement society, wealth redistribution, social justice, playing class warfare and weakening our nation. The health care bill is a disaster, the finance reform bill didn't address the problems that caused the economic collapse and it was written by the most corrupt politicians in congress. The stimulus money didn't go to create jobs, it went to pay back unions and win elections for democrats this November. We now have unemployment around 18% and Obama wants to pass cap and trade, which is a ponzi scheme designed to confiscate even more wealth from the American people while amnesty for illegals is in the works.

Megyn Kelly should watch some YouTube and just LISTEN TO OBAMA HIMSELF! We will help Megyn and the other people who are in denial about Obama being a Marxist. It isn't like he's trying to hide it!

Isn't the evidence already there?


  1. I've actually been in disagreement with Megyn Kelly alot lately, which is odd. I used to agree with her 99% of the time. Her ideas about the president and illegal immigration are really strange. I don't know what's happening to this woman, I hope she isn't caving.

  2. Megyn knows the deal, she is only acting impartial so as to make Fox news seem fair and balanced, all the while the message is getting out----

    Palin for President------many progressive swine will voluntarily and intentionally take their life if Sarah wins, at the very least many will attempt to commit suicide---

    Sarah Palin ***protects the womb+++
    Sarah is a suicide bomber for the wacho-left
    Sarah loves this country and is ***normal***
    Her presidency will commence a suicide mission amongst the left-----

    I will gladly provide razor blades for the looney-left-------let the blood-letting begin----

    Run Sarah run-----