Tuesday, July 6, 2010

LES AIN'T NO JOKE! Meet the Anti-Obama, Les Phillips, American Patriot running for Congress. Will racist liberals attack?

Les is one of many black conservatives running for office this year. Black conservatives are liberals worst nightmare (next to Michele Bachmann).

They can't play the race card or the victim card, but like the true 'intellectual racists' they are, they will launch a smear campaign and personal attack against a black conservative.

Remember- liberals will fight and attack a black conservative, but not terrorists, pedophiles, 'illegal' alien rapists and murderers, BUT- they will fight to keep serial killers off of death row though because it's 'cruel and unusual' punishment according to liberals, that is until they're the ones being penetrated from behind at knife point or being beaten with a claw hammer.

They will call Les Phillips a 'sellout,' or an 'Uncle Tom' not even realizing he's far 'blacker' than Obama, the white radical liberal who supports the same polices that have been destroying black neighborhoods and schools for decades. Of course they have to check with the 'Congressional Black Caucus of Marxist Dummies' first to see if it's 'okay.'

The liberals better call in more troops if they're going to attack black conservatives in this upcoming election. They might actually support a 'surge' for the first time in their lives as there are over 30 candidates running for office this year. (NBC didn't tell you?)

The liberals better borrow a tank for Allen West and Charles Lollar, two military officers running for office this year. They're going to need them. Maybe Janeane Garofalo and Bill Maher can drive the tank since they know what's better for blacks than blacks do and think blacks are too stupid to vote based on their own judgement.

The New Face Of The GOP- Charles Lollar takes on the corrupt democrat majority leader Steny Hoyer- Click here.
Allen West video goes viral.

Allen West is right about Steele and calling the dopey MSNBC clown out on racist signs at tea parties. It's obvious the guy hasn't been to one before.

Samuel Gonzalez: "Lt. Col. Allen West: The Type Of Black Man Who Democrats Fear And Hate- Click here.

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  1. GREAT POST! You describe the liberal attack machine and the CBC (of dummies-love it!) perfectly! Allen West is going to kick some ass. Hope he wins! I donated $50 to his campaign and I don't even live anywhere near Florida. And Im white, does that make me racist?.lol.