Friday, July 23, 2010

PROOF THEY'RE CRAZY: Video: Ed Schultz speech to nutroots conference pretty much what you’d expect. What planet are these people from, Marxist-Anus?

Given his track record, I’m going to inch out on the limb and guess that this isn’t taken out of context. Lotttts of whining about Fox News, lotttts of whining about disloyal Democrats, which is par for the course for the annual Yearly Kos or Netroots Nation or whatever-they’re-calling-it-now conference. The point of these meet-ups was, is, and shall ever be to assure lefties in the audience that (a) they’re right about everything, (b) they’re not being mean enough to conservatives, and (c) they need to purge the treacherous centrists in their ranks.

As for Schultz’s histrionics, after all the Journolist fantasias about throwing conservatives through plate glass windows and watching Rush Limbaugh die in agony from a heart attack, I’m sort of impressed that he says he doesn’t want Beck to go blind. You’re making progress, Ed. Maybe you’re one of those centrists that Netroots Nation needs to purge. (Speaking of which, this clip is high-larious.) Oh — it may interest you to know that a certain Truther-petition-signing progressive all-star made a cameo at the convention earlier today. His reception? A standing ovation, of course. READ MORE...

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