Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Racist? Black House Candidate Miffed Obama Endorsed White Incumbent Over Him

'Hey jackass, you endorsed Hillary Clinton over the vindictive Marxist Barack Hussein Obama, that's why. Are ALL democrats really this stupid?

U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen, a white incumbent who represents a majority black district in Memphis, landed the endorsement of President Barack Obama on Tuesday — and harsh criticism from his black opponent in the primary.

Opponent Willie Herenton called the endorsement a desperate political move by Cohen and said Obama doesn't know the voters in the district.

Obama issued a statement backing Cohen for a third term in the House, calling him a proven leader. Cohen and Herenton, who served 18 years as Memphis' first elected black mayor, face off in the Aug. 5 Democratic primary.

"Together, we passed historic health care reform and together we're continuing the fight to renew our economy and bring jobs back to the American people," Obama said. "I am proud to stand with Steve and support his re-election to Congress."

Herenton said Cohen, who is white, is concerned he'll lose the black vote and pushed the Obama staff for an endorsement. He said Obama is disconnected from the district, which roughly follows the city borders, and slipping in popularity. READ MORE...

RACIST? Herenton's campaign manager Sidney Chism told the New York Times that the Memphis-area congressional seat Cohen holds "was set aside for people who look like me. It wasn't set aside for a Jew or a Christian. It was set aside so that blacks could have representation." The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) criticized Herenton for these remarks, stating that his comments were "unacceptable in a Democratic primary or anywhere in our political discourse.

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