Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Black Panther: 'We'll Eat This Tea Party for Breakfast.' Black tea partiers rebut NAACP. Watch: Hot Tea Party Music Video: I Am America

More racist rants from Malik Zulu Shabazz, the man the Obama Justice Department saw fit to drop all charges against despite having obtained a conviction.

Some African-American tea party candidates are displeased by a resolution that the NAACP approved on Tuesday calling the grass-roots conservative movement “racist.”

“I have not experienced the charges of racism that the NAACP is touting,” Vernon Parker, an African-American tea party congressional candidate in Arizona, told POLITICO.

Parker, former mayor of Paradise Valley, said that he has never felt out of place at a tea party rally because of the color of his skin.

“When I go to tea party events, people don’t look at me any differently,” he said. “They didn’t judge me on the color of my skin, quite frankly, they judged me on my principles." READ MORE...


  1. Step right up! Serving breakfast hot, fast and fresh to racist haters of any color wearing badly tailored bell boy "uniforms" 24/7, 365.

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  2. Even more tolerance of diversity on display here...!