Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tea Party Founder Destroys The Lying NAACP President on Proposed Resolution. Calls NAACP A Racial Extortion Group; You're Irrelivant...

The tea party doesn't have to denounce anyone. We've been to over 20 tea parties and have seen NO racism. Emmanuel Clever and John Lewis AND Barney Frank are lying sacks of dookie.

It's a proven FACT that no 'N' word was said, no one was spit on, and Barney Frank was never called a fag.

This is all about the implosion of the democratic party and the rise of the tea party, which is making a difference in elections and exposing the corrupt, incompetent, out of control, reckless, dishonest, racist, race baiting democratic party. It's a fact! Deal with it...

Notice how Hilary Shelton hasn't been to a tea party? It's typical of a liberal moron to criticize tea parties and talk radio when they never attended a tea party or listened to the talk shows they're criticizing. It's just one of the many reasons liberals are idiots and the NAACP's false claim of racism will just bring more Americans out to the tea party who are tired of the race card being played when no racism exists.

Hopefully, even MORE blacks will come out and attend tea parties and realize that the NAACP and white liberals are the ones who are pulling a white sheet over their eyes.

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