Monday, August 2, 2010

Candidate for Congress: 'Usurper' holds Oval Office. But impeachment not solution, since 'that would imply he held seat in valid manner'

A candidate for Congress in New York's 2nd District, a seat now held by Democrat Steve Israel, says there is a "usurper" in the Oval Office and impeachment isn't the solution since "that would imply that he held the seat in a valid manner in the first place."

The comments by Constitution Party candidate Anthony Tolda were reported on a blog calling on Obama to release his records.

"For our Constitution to continue to exist much longer Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro must be removed from office," the candidate's statement said. "I would not seek to impeach him, as that would imply that he held the seat in a valid manner in the first place."

In it, he references the "usurper" in the office of the president.

But the blog expands on that, noting that Tolda was asked specifically about Obama's eligibility to be president.

The candidate responded, "There is a process to remove seat holders that are not able to legally hold a seat. Until now the highest seat that was removed from the holder in this manner is a seat(s) in the U.S. Senate.

"I will seek to begin this process as soon as I am sworn in. Although I do not intend to pursue an impeachment, I would assist in any efforts started by others in office to impeach. Only so long as I can verify that it would not nullify my plans for the annulment-type removal that has been used on senators unfit to legally hold office in the past," he said.

He also pleaded for help with his campaign to take on the leading candidate in the race, Israel. READ MORE...

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