Monday, August 2, 2010

OBAMA VS THE CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS OF 'DUMMIES.' Tell Obama To Lay Off Those Corrupt Black Politicians. So Focus On The White Ones?

Most of the CBC members are either corrupt, or just really stupid, and we have proved that beyond a reasonable doubt.

President Obama's relationship with members of the Congressional Black Caucus is being tested over a series of high-profile incidents, the latest of which is the ethics investigation into New York Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel.

On Friday, Obama told CBS News that he believed it was time for Rangel to end his carer "with dignity", adding: "I think Charlie Rangel served a very long time and served his constituents very well, but these allegations are very troubling."

A Politico story quoted a person close to Rangel saying that the congressman "doesn't give a damn about what the president thinks about this." And New York Gov. David Paterson, who is black and whose father came up in New York politics with Rangel, seemed to offer a thinly veiled criticism of Obama in a radio interview over the weekend.

Paterson said he was "especially surprised when people from our own community" jump to conclusions before all the facts have been aired "because we've been the greatest victim of it for centuries." (Worth noting: The White House discouraged Paterson from a reelection bid last year.)

According to sources familiar with the CBC, Obama's comments were seen as an unnecessary piling-on of Rangel who is facing allegations that he broke 13 House rules and the prospect of a trial this fall. (Another member of the CBC -- Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) -- will also face a congressional trial on ethics allegations this fall.)

"The CBC has a very protective attitude toward CBC members who face ethics troubles," said Alabama Democratic Rep. Artur Davis, who is black. Davis added that several CBC members were unhappy with comments he made about Rangel recently. Some CBC members believe the organization "should observe some code of silence" when it comes to ethics charges against their membership, Davis said.

While the Rangel back-and-forth dominated the headlines over the weekend, it is only the latest example of the CBC and the Obama Administration not seeing entirely eye to eye of late. READ MORE...

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