Thursday, August 12, 2010

Huffington Post Slams Obama: Obama debates himself on Afghanistan (video). Even the idiots are finally starting to figure him out....

How quickly things change. Check it out:

It's hard out there for a politician. Your every public utterance is hungrily greeted by an army of bloggers eager to catch you in a moment of self-contradiction. And when you're president, those opportunities are endless.

Tough luck, guys. You signed up for it.

The normally Obama-supportive Huffington Post just put up an amusing (depressing?) video that juxtaposes some of President Obama's recent comments on Afghanistan with remarks from 2007, in which then-Senator Obama tore into the Bush administration's Iraq policy, questioning the practice of nation-building and continuous war.

It's structured like a debate...with himself.

The Huffington Idiots...

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  1. I couldn't get through the entire video. I'm sorry, but I can't force myself to watch him for that long. He is an idiot, just like the rest of them. What makes him worse is the fact he is arrogant on top of it. At least when I watch Pelosi and company I can laugh. This man makes my stomach turn.