Thursday, August 12, 2010

Must See Video: “No one will hear it!”

Someone tell Stephanie, 'no one listens to liberal talk radio!' It's a total failure...

And why is Tavis Smiley filling in for Larry King? That's almost as bad as having Joy Behar filling in for him.

Can't they get someone with a functioning brain?


  1. The fact that liberals are bad at talk radio is actually a compliment to liberals. Don't expect you to understand that.

  2. Sure you don't, because you just gave another example of why liberals are idiots. I guess it's also a compliment that MSNBC's ratings are in the toilet because liberal tv hosts are also a failure compared to conservatives right? I guess that when liberals run for office, they won't tell anyone they're a liberal (failure) because they know people won't vote for them, they have to lie. That's a real compliment. When liberals have to change their names to 'progressives' because liberals and liberalism is a total failure, that's a great compliment.

    Now I see why you guys have the perfect symbol for your party of failures, frauds, liars and corrupt elitist tax cheating radical dirtballs- a JACKASS...

    Nice try dummy...

  3. You also don't understand that Obama loves sites like this. You and the Birthers are his useful idiots.

  4. That was very funny! Made my crappy day just a little bit better.

  5. NO ONE WOULD HEAR IT LMAO!! That was classic. What makes his comment more hilarious is that he is right. The jackass party has had control of congress since 2006. They have the lowest approval rating in history. Obama became president in 2008 & the only changes I have seen is his outright hatred for the U.S constitution with his fascist gov't takeover of health care amongst other ridiculous bills he has passed. Now the kool aid man sends our tax dollars overseas to train people in India for high tech positions. WHAT ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE MR. PRESIDENT???? Once again ameicans are getting screwed over for foreign interest. This is another promise this fraud has broken. He is continuing to outsource our jobs. If americans continue to support this president & these incumbents in the November elections. Then they will get what they deserve. Are there any politicians in this country that will represent americans FIRST, SECOND & THIRD?????

    Oh btw MSNBC is still in business???? WOW!! I don't know one person that watches that sorry network. Their ratings are so bad I wouldn't be surprised that PBS have higher ratings than them.

  6. I think the people who run this site are about as real as the characters on the Sunday night lineup of Fox cartoons. How two-dimensional can a human actually be?

  7. TeaBaggingBirtherWannaBeMon Aug 16, 01:35:00 PM PDT

    I'm not a birther. A "birther" is someone who believes the President was born in Kenya, when he was really born in hawaii.

    I'm not a birther because I believe Obama is not a citizen. In fact, I know he's not. He is also hiding much of his past and this has been proven. But anonymous is too stupid and naive to realize it. He takes his orders from giant progressive brainwashed lesbians with philosophy degrees on MSNBC where as I use facts, like Obama's SS#, his sealed education records, student loans, passports, his name change, his Muslim background, his parents and grandparents and relatives in Kenya, the "real" birth certificate (not the cheesy one posted on his website, I can get one of those in (philadelphia)

    Finally, because liberals are so effing stupid, please educate yourself on the "birther" movement as it was STARTED BY A DEMOCRAT from PA named Phil Berg - you loser.