Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Imam: Al Qaeda and U.S. Like Quarreling Married Couple. 71% percent of New Yorkers say Move the Mosque

71% percent of New Yorkers say Move the Mosque...

Todd Starnes- An overwhelming number of New Yorkers say the developers of the proposed mosque near Ground Zero should move the project.

The poll, conducted by Quinnipiac University, finds 71 percent of New Yorkers wanted the mosque relocated. And the same number want the state’s attorney general to investigate funding behind the project.

The findings, published by the Associated Press, also reveal 53 percent of registered voters believe the Muslim developers do not have a Constitutional right to build the mosque at Ground Zero.

Click here for the raw polling data.

President Obama amplified the national debate over the issue when he declared during a Ramadan dinner that Muslims indeed had a right to build the mosque in lower Manhattan. The project is just two blocks from where terrorists slaughtered thousands in the name of Islam.

However, the president declined to comment on the wisdom of building the mosque at its proposed location.

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  1. 71% of Americans say "Go home if you don't have the smarts to want to live in freedom and instead want to impose sharia law"