Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama Declares End of Iraq Combat; Mentions Bush’s Support of Troops on the Same Day the 'Muslim Brotherhood' Gets Access to YOUR Stimulus $$, WTF?!?

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FLASHBACK! Wrong again...

More poor judgement, and a terrible Commander in Chief.

Coming August 31: ‘Direct Access’ Stimulus Grants for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Muslim Brotherhood to meet with top government officials to see how they can bypass normal procedures to get leftover stimulus money. Where's the mainstream media?!?

Think of it as ACORN reborn, with a slice of Jihad on the side.

On August 31, this coming Tuesday, the Muslim Brotherhood-associated “Coordinating Council of Muslim Organizations” (CCMO) will bring 25-30 Muslim leaders of 20 national Muslim groups to attend a special workshop presented by the White House and U.S. Government agencies (Agriculture, Education, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services etc.) to provide the groups “funding, government assistance and resources.” The workshop will apparently provide special access for these Muslim Brotherhood organizations: the organizers pledge to provide “direct access” and “cut through red tape.” Government and Muslim groups will hold an Iftar dinner (breaking the fast of Ramadan) after the workshop. READ MORE...

AP: Facts in short supply in Obama speech


  1. the islamists need to know how to run things for when Obama declares that America is an islamic nation under sharia law...Obama doesn;t want America to go completely to crap like all the other nations they conquer for allah..
    But, a soldier called in to Chris Plante's radio show today said that Obama is being Iran's proxy by pulling us out of Iraq...So many Iranians want to get their hands on the descendants of the Iraqi's that might have done their ansestors wrong in past history..