Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Left-leaning news reporters linked to Bill Ayers, Dohrn. Also tied to Marxist-founded group seeking government-run Internet

Among the individuals who were part of the controversial JournoList e-mail group were activists who served on an editorial board alongside Weather Underground terror group founders William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, WND has learned.

Also, it has emerged that other members of JournoList were activists from a far-left think tank with close ties to a Marxist-founded, George Soros-funded group that petitions for more government control of the Internet.

So far, 107 names have been confirmed as part of the JournoList e-mail group of about 400 reporters and activists. The list shut down last month after group members were caught discussing how to minimize negative publicity about Obama's radical associations, such as the politician's long relationship with his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

The names include John B. Judis, senior editor at the New Republic and a contributing editor to the American Prospect. Judis started reporting from Washington in 1982, when he became Washington correspondent for In These Times, a Chicago-based socialist journal.

Also a confirmed JournoList member is Frida Berrigan, contributing editor and a member of the editorial board for In These Times.

As of 2009, both Ayers and Dorhn were on the editorial board of In These Times. The duo became household names after it was exposed they maintained a close relationship for years with Obama. READ MORE...

You would think the 'idiots' would of figured out the connection by now...

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