Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WATCH: Hannity and Specter Clash in Testy Interview

Sean Hannity and Sen. Arlen Specter engaged in a testy interview Tuesday as the Fox News conservative commentator accused the Pennsylvania Democrat of "political expediency."

Hannity questioned why Specter as a Republican voted against Elena Kagan for solicitor general, but is planning to vote to confirm her as a Supreme Court Justice after switching to the Democratic Party.

Specter offered his rationale, stating that Kagan did not answer key questions when she was President Obama's nominee for solicitor general.

Hannity said, "You can say whatever you want. I'm looking at your record. And the very strongest criticism Americans have right now is that politicians are out for themselves."

Hannity attacked what he called Specter's inconsistent voting record on healthcare reform, so-called "card check" legislation and Kagan.

After defending his votes on those issues and the stimulus package, the 80-year-old senator let Hannity know he was not pleased with how the interview was going.

"Listen, Sean, I don't have anything to apologize for. Not to you or anyone. You're pretty strong, here, young man." READ MORE...

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