Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Imam Audio: Latest on Ground Zero Mosque. VIDEO- Wake up America!

WH: No further comment from Obama on NYC mosque

You are not ready for the truth. You are not ready to see what really is at stake for our freedom and wellbeing. You are not ready to see what our soldiers who have and are sacrificing their lives for our safety are truly up against. You are not ready to see the spreading terror that is slowly encompassing the world around us like an incurable virus.

But if you really consider yourself prepared, you will watch this and see the true face of militant radical Islam. You must watch this with open eyes and an open mind and see what we are facing in the Middle East and in our own country. The radical soldiers of Islam are growing every day and growing stronger as well. They are watching our political debates and ideologies play out in such a way that it comforts them that we, the United States of America, and many other countries that share our pursuit of freedom and democracy, don't yet see radical Islam as a true threat to our own soil.

We now stand opposed to our fight against tyranny, waiting for our freedom fighting soldiers to return home to a peaceful land, leaving behind a far away and struggling government, still crying out against the oppression that still lingers there. We are all waiting for the term of a man who took the stand and declared war or terror to step down and call off the attacks on a religious sect that seeks nothing more than to destroy the Western World and establish authoritarian rule in all four corners of the earth. We must not sit back and watch our world as we know it get swallowed up by religious fanatics that seek to oppress. We must not sit back and watch our soldiers die in vain and without our support and aid.

Wake up, America. Radical Islam is a threat, and it is growing bigger and stronger every day.

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